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Occurred : 12/8/2005 00:30 (Entered as : 12/08/05 0:30)
Reported: 2/5/2007 1:25:01 PM 13:25
Posted: 2/24/2007
Location: Blackpool (UK/England),
Shape: Disk
Duration:about 7 mins
=Ufo over train station/ makes a powercut/lasts 7 mins/makes air raid siren noise/ turns into water=

I was sat on some chairs next to a old woman in Blackpool North Train Station and she blabberd on about somthing when she went "whats that noise"?. Suddenly some crazy noise that sounded like a a airoplane taking off many people stood and looked around for a jet but no jet appeared . Some man shouted "hey everyone check if your phone is on!", so everyone checked and there phone where off and would not switch on . The station lights flickererd and turned off then i went inside to get away from the noise and there was a power cut. Everyone was going outside . Ilooked to the sky to see a HUGE black object in the horizon with red lights on.Now this is stranged because it sounded like air raidsirens were going off (i thoughts the ufo was making it).it went past extremely slowly and circled a church spire.It left a grey trail of smoke.It then went down a bit ,Then a girl started to cry.Then it wierdly turned to water.Then the noise stopped about 4 second after it did so.The lights went on.Suddenly EVERYONE started to get upset,it was like it maid people cry.I felt like someone had died or like i missed a extremelly inporttant oppertunity.