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Occurred : 2/6/2007 13:30 (Entered as : 02/06/07 13:30)
Reported: 2/7/2007 6:02:43 PM 18:02
Posted: 2/24/2007
Location: Tucson, AZ
Shape: Oval
Sceptic observation of 3 "fighter jet sized" oblong, black and silver light flashing crafts.

I was sitting in my back yard on the east side of Tucson having a break from yard work and visiting with a friend. We apparently live in a flight path as we often have jets from Davis Monthan AFB flying over and often helicopters at a lower level. As we were talking, I noticed what my mind assumed were jets practicing for an upcoming air show in the sky behind my friend. I had this initial thought because the maneuvers of the 3 "jets" seemed very much like what we see when the pilots practice. As I was talking my eyes kept going back until I had to interrupt the conversation. I suddenly realized they were not only very oddly shaped, (oblong and black) but they were very close and there was zero sound. We got up and went to the edge of the yard as they were coming closer. My friend said they look like sky divers as they were apparently connecting then releasing in a triangular and straight pattern. It looked as if 2 would connect and let go then all three would do the same. This went on for a few more minutes and we both commented on things like weather balloons of some sort or perhaps some kind of weather anomaly. We were both trying to figure out the explanation. They began flashing what would be best described as, a silver light. Not in a specific pattern (not that we recognized) but random and they would stay lit when they connected into the straight pattern. It became more and more obvious that we had no idea what we were looking at. When they connected and lit, it seemed as if they "melted" into a single craft. Then a jet passed over the area above them. This reinforced the lack of sound as we could hear this jet quite well and it was farther than the unidentified crafts. They then began to rise into the sky as we watched the display of aerodynamics and the light show. My friend called her daughter in-law who was in the neighborhood. She told her to go outside and my friend tried to help her locate them over the phone. I ran in the house and took a 12" x 12 mirror off the wall. We h! ad alrea dy decided that a photo at this point would be useless. When they were at their closest, we were still trying to rationalize and now they would just be too far away. I went back out and tried reflecting light towards the ground at first to see if I could get the same reflection off the mirror in proportion to where I was situated on the ground. (They were NNW of my home when we first spotted them) After realizing I could not reflect in this direction I began trying to flash the mirror, in theirs. Perhaps I was looking for some kind of a response. My friend went to meet the daughter in-law as she was terribly excited and wanted my friend to point out what we were seeing. She was not able to find them again to show her daughter in-law, after she left my house. I watched them a total of about 30 to 40min more until they had gone so high, they were just a periodic spec of light, and then they were gone. I am no aviation expert but I have never, ever seen a plane or any other piloted craft go so high up. I keep trying to make sense of what we saw. If I had been alone, I would not have told anyone what I had seen and I would have been sure to stay out of the sun for the remainder of the day. I am considered by others and myself to be a skeptical person, so I welcome any logic that could explain all of this.