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Occurred : 2/12/2007 15:00 (Entered as : 02/12/07 15:00)
Reported: 2/12/2007 4:46:09 AM 04:46
Posted: 2/24/2007
Location: Springfield, IL
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 mintues
((NUFORC Note: We suspect that this may be a hoax. Note discrepancy in time. We have written the source of the report, requesting clarification, and a copy of the alleged photo. PD))

Witnessed a bright, disk shaped object seen flying from the sky to the ground at at close range. (Photos Taken)

I was driving west from Rochester on Rochester Rd toward Lake Springfield. When I reached the stop sign, there was a very bright light shining inside my car. It was like a spot light from a police car. I looked behind me and did not see a police car or any other vehicle. I looked up and saw an orange light in the sky that wasn’t moving.

At a steady speed it came from a couple miles up to ground level in approximately 5 seconds. It hovered over the ground about a 100ft away. The craft looked like it was the length of a city bus. I could see the grass moving as it rotated. It stayed there for less than a minute. When it was at ground level the lights dimmed, and I could see the craft rotating horizontally like a wheel with blue colored lights blinking around it with white light coming off of it.

It turned brighter and the grass was moving faster.

It lifted and turned about 80 degrees and took off about 3 times faster than it came down.

As it took off, the craft was a very, very bright blue. The whole craft was shining brighter than a light bulb, more like magnesium burning.

When it left, my radio started going nuts. It stopped working. My car wasn’t running. There wasn’t even a light on my tape adapter (for CD). This shows I didn’t even have the battery working. After the craft left, my car would not start for 1 minute. A minute later it came back on by itself and the radio did. I didn’t have to turn the key to start it.

I was able to take pictures of the craft (with my cell phone) as it was coming in, when it landed, and when it took off.

The whole event seemed to take place in less than five minutes.

I am concerned that I felt fatigued when the ‘spotlight’ was on my car. I also have very little recollection on how I was able to travel from the location the sighting took place in Rochester and ended up outside the Muni property by the lake. I have no memory of this.