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Occurred : 2/24/2007 22:25 (Entered as : 02/24/2007 22:25)
Reported: 2/24/2007 11:35:21 PM 23:35
Posted: 3/8/2007
Location: Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 Min
Two white orbs over Carmel, CA

I was looking west, toward the Pacific from my hotel balcony. The sky was partly cloudy. I saw two white orbs in front of the moon, one after the other. First one moved left halfway accross the face of the moon and abruptly moved up then disappeared. The second one followed the same path. I couldn't tell how far away they were but they must have been very far because they did not illuminate anything close to the groud. They didn't reflect off of any of the clouds and it was quite cloudy and as seen through my binoculars, they did not appear to block any earthshine on the moon. They appeared to travel vey fast since the whole incident, that is time from when first object moved form left to right and then up over the top of the moon to when the second one followed the same path and was no longer visible. The whole incident took less than one minute. Because of the poor "sseing" conditions (clouds, intermitent rain followed by visible stars and then clouds again), distance was quite hard to gauge as was the size of the objects. Both objects were quite clear in my binoculars and when they crosed the moon they were brighter than the background.