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Occurred : 2/28/2007 23:40 (Entered as : 02/28/07 23:40)
Reported: 3/1/2007 11:11:38 PM 23:11
Posted: 3/8/2007
Location: Bethel, OH
Shape: Light
Duration:aprox. 3 minutes
Red pulsing light heading from south to north then heading east.

Traveling on state route 125 around 11:40pm after work toward Bethel from Amelia. About half way to Bethel when I was near East Fork State Park, I witnessed a red pulsing object in the sky some distance away. As I drove it headed from south to north crossing the road across the sky when it dropped below the trees. I didn’t see it again until I was entering Bethel I saw it to the north heading east.

It was a cloudy night & flying below the clouds. It was a red slowly pulsing light much like you would see at the top of a cell phone tower. Only it was moving & much higher in the sky then a cell phone tower & cell phone tower lights flash on & off. I don’t think it was an airplane or helicopter because there were no other flashing lights on it & no strobe like lights on it. Did anyone else witness this?