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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/27/1992 19:50 (Entered as : 11/27/92 19:50)
Reported: 3/3/2007 7:22:45 AM 07:22
Posted: 3/8/2007
Location: Columbus, OH
Shape: Disk
Duration:two minutes
Drove right underneath a UFO while on the freeway--saw 3 more UFOs

This happened in 1992 in late Nov/early Dec at around 7:50pm. I was driving south on 270 to a friend’s house and was passing by Port Columbus Airport, when I saw on my right what at first I thought was a helicopter (being so near the airport it seemed logical). It was around the size of a helicopter but had no tail or rotors, etc. I kept looking at it because it didn’t move and was a shadowy disk shape with white lights around the edge. I then thought it was only a plane coming in to land, but it just sat in the sky. I kept driving.

Then I noticed an identical UFO about 50 feet directly above a box car of a train on the Columbus & Ohio River Railroad bridge that goes right past the airport. The UFO was shining a large white light down from the center of the underside of the disk onto one of the box cars, as though it were inspecting it. The light was very wide, taking up the middle part of the underside of the UFO—maybe it was at least a 7-10ft. wide searchlight. It was illuminating an entire box car and part of another.

I then noticed a third identical-looking UFO to my left in a grassy area right before the bridge. It was almost touching the ground, and it shown a bright white searchlight on the ground, too. (My truck was noisy, but I could not hear any noise from the UFOs). I passed under the railroad bridge, directly under the one UFO above it. I became excited and exited at Broad St. instead of Main St., which is where I was originally headed. As I was about to make a U-turn to get back onto 270, I saw yet a fourth identical UFO directly in front of me, but higher in the sky and further away, possibly 500 feet away.

I made the U-turn and got back onto 270 and continued to Main St. I didn't try and go back the other way on 270 to take another look, because I would be late to an appointment. There were many cars on the freeway, so there had to be others who saw the UFOs.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))