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Occurred : 3/5/2007 18:00 (Entered as : 03/05/07 18:00)
Reported: 3/6/2007 12:53:10 PM 12:53
Posted: 3/8/2007
Location: Chicago, IL
Shape: Disk
Duration:4 hr 30 min
Several UFO sightings in Chicago, IL during a four hour time span

I live in Chicago, IL and I believe that I saw several UFO's yesterday. I was running late for work and I wasn’t paying much attention to the sky as I headed to an elevated train station. But I had just missed my train as I was climbing the stairs to the platform, at around 5:52 p.m., I knew I was definitely going to be late, because I had to be at work at 6, so I decided to relax since I was going to be late anyway.

I walked to the middle of the platform, which is my favorite spot because there’s an open lot behind the station and a clear view of the sky. I listened to my MP3 player for a few minutes and for some reason I decided to turn east and face that open parking lot, this was probably at 5:56 p.m.

When I did I noticed a round brightly lit ball just sitting in the sky. The lights didn’t blink. So at first I thought it was a plane, because I wasn’t expecting to see something different than that. I soon realized that it definitely wasn’t a plane because it was dark outside. Although planes have lights that are visible at night their frames aren't. Planes also always move while they’re mid-air, and they’ll appear larger or smaller eventually depending on which direction they are heading. This object seemed to be a ball that was illuminated all over, it didn’t move, and it appeared the same size the whole time I looked at it. Then as I looked further past it, eastward, I saw two other objects that were identical to the first one. They all were in a perfectly straight line with one another, the line made a diagonal from where I was standing. These objects didn't move either. I know they had to be miles apart realistically, but from where I was standing they only seemed about 50 - 75 ft. apart from one another.

Suddenly I saw the first object head westbound straight across the sky, it covered the distance pretty quickly, I’d say more quickly then the average plane would, but not astronomically so. I didn’t hear any noise as this happened. The other objects stayed in position and didn’t move. About 30 seconds after seeing this, my train arrived at my platform; this was at 6:02 p.m.

I sat down and looked out of the window, and kept my eyes eastward on the sky for the length of my trip. As soon as we’d covered about 4 or 5 blocks, I noticed that there hadn’t been two other objects behind the first one that had flown off. There had actually been 3. I saw that even though this one was the furthest away from me, it was brightly lit and looked identical to those others, and it was next in the diagonal line, and it too just sat there in the sky as well.

My train headed north to the downtown section of Chicago, and even as I covered at least 30 blocks worth of distance, from the original point at which I saw the objects, they were still very visible, and very bright, until some of the high rise buildings started to block my view. I know that they weren’t moving, because as I was riding on the train and looking out at the objects, they started to appear as if they were moving with me, in the same direction I was traveling, which is how the moon, or water towers of local suburbs, used to appear to me when I was younger riding in a car. Obviously a water tower is a fixed object, and it looked like it moved with me, so I know the same has to be true of these objects.

My trip to downtown took about 15 minutes, because I arrived at work at 6:17 p.m. as I said, a few minutes before, my view of the objects had been blocked, but my eyes were still on the sky in case there was a clearing. I didn’t see the objects again, but I did see another aircraft flying a few miles higher than me, but parallel to the train I was on. I only glimpsed it for a few seconds because the buildings blocked my view. It could have been just a plane, but it was so low, and I think there’s some sort of a no fly zone, in downtown Chicago, so I don’t know why a plane would fly so close in that area. This is the only object whose shape I can’t really describe, it was possibly rectangular, but I didn’t get to really look at it. I just remember it flying in between one of the high rises, and it was brightly lit, but the craft itself was dark, probably brown. I felt that it looked odd because it didn’t look like a plane, yet it was flying. It was also bulky and heavy, looking, but quickly disappeared from my view. I definitely know that it didn’t resemble a plane at all.

I eventually went to work for four hours but I really hoped, that the objects I’d seen by my house would still be there when I got off, so that I could show someone in my family what I’d seen. I didn’t remember to look at the sky when I was on the platform because I was in a rush to get home, but when I was on the ground, about a block east of the train station, I walked southeast where there’s an open area of sky because of a parking lot. As I was crossing the street and heading south, I saw one of the objects or perhaps another one that was in the same vicinity of the ones I’d seen earlier. Only this time it was way closer to the ground than the ones I'd noticed earlier. I made my way onto the sidewalk and realized that the big concrete roof of the parking lot was blocking my view. So the object had to be very close to the ground because the roof of the parking lot is only about 15-20 ft high. I decided to back up a few feet and I walked in the street instead of the sidewalk in order to get a good look at the object.

I did, and basically I saw an object that resembled a saucer, but it wasn’t a flat thin disc, it had layers. The top layer was full of deep burgundy lights and so was the bottom one, I think they were on but they were very dull and nearly blended into the dark sky, that’s probably why I didn’t see them earlier. But the center layer was bright, bright white. The whole object was saucer shaped, and all of the lights looked like they were framed by rectangles. So they just looked like panels of lights. I do not know if I’d imagined it from the influence of TV and movies, but I do remember thinking that it hovered and rocked a little, instead of being completely still, but that could have been my mind adding that part in because I was so excited. As I kept walking south, my view was blocked again by the roof of the parking lot, so maybe the object had moved. About 20 seconds later, I’d moved past the parking lot’s roof, and parallel to the entrance of the parking lot.

This entrance isn’t enclosed by a roof, so there’s a very clear view of the sky but I still didn’t see the object. It was gone. I continued my way south and walked past the apartment building attached to the parking lot, which unfortunately blocked my view, because it too, is a high rise. About another 20-30 seconds later I continued my way south and crossed the street opposite this high rise, where there are just small houses and apt. buildings, which leave a better view of the sky and I still saw no objects, I headed east to get back to my building, and there still was no object in sight. But I kept my eyes on the sky for most of my walk and I did start to notice the stars, usually I don’t. They were visible, but since it’s Chicago and we have lots of lights and air pollution they aren’t blindingly white. So when I saw another object later on, I was totally sure it wasn’t a star.

I arrived inside my apt. at around 10:35 pm. About ten minutes later I turned off the light, in my bedroom and looked out of the window. I noticed a blinking object, west of my back window, which is further south in Chicago. It was much higher than the last one I’d just seen, and I would have taken it as a star if I hadn’t looked at the stars a few minutes ago when I was outside. This object was far away, but it wasn't as far as the stars were, and it was much brighter and bigger than the stars. It's light was white but it blinked on and off. I made out a reddish light that came from it as well. It too seemed to stand still and I think it was probably the same object that I’d seen 20 minutes before, when I was outside. But I’m not sure, I couldn’t tell its shape from so far away.

As I was gazing at the sky, I then saw a really large object traveling somewhat close to the ground, maybe 30 miles above that had a bright light attached underneath it. It was large and it was loud. I ran to the front of my apartment to get a better look, because it was fast and I believe this was a plane, but I do not believe it was a commercial plane, because it was so bulky, and because of the light coming from it, and because it was a dark color, I think it was a brown or bronze type of shade. It quickly covered the sky and was out of my sight within a minute or two, so I went back to the my other window to see the blinking object. It was still there, but it looked even further away, yet it was still very bright though. So I just decided to watch some TV because I couldn’t do anything about it and then I went to bed.