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Occurred : 3/15/2005 15:00 (Entered as : 03/00/05 15:00)
Reported: 3/14/2007 2:58:01 PM 14:58
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: San Marcos, TX
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:30 minutes
two interrelated objects larger rectangle and rotating cube on one end changes shape, speed direction gas filled

Subject: a couple of first hand incidents plus a family information exchange First hand incident number 1 Spring 2005 husband and I were riding our bicycles on the access road of Interstate 35 between Wonder World Drive and McCarty Lane (we lived on McCarty Lane at the time) outside of San Marcos, Texas. It was approximately early afternoon and the wind was really blowing very hard. We were approaching Auto Outlet (a car dealership). It was common practice for the car dealership to have balloons (this month I seem to recall single purple and yellow helium filled balloons) tied to the front posts and lot lighting fixtures. Due to the velocity of the wind the balloons were straining against their ties and leaning towards the Auto Outlet buildings and away from I-35 in the direction of the wind. I was right at the northernmost corner of the Auto Outlet property and my husband was approximately 4 bike lengths ahead of me (he is a faster stronger rider in a hard wind or just about anytime). We were on the western side of I -35 on this access road.

We were on our way home from a pleasant ride that day.

The Auto Outlet property has a bill board, or it did then, on the McCarty side of the lot where south bond drivers on I-35 can read about their car dealership. This bill board is about a standard large bill board size that businesses pay for ad space so highway driver's can read the signs.

My husband and I look above the roof line of the Auto Outlet buildings and observed a very strange sight.

There was a rectangular, 3 D object floating slowly straight up above the buildings. Next to that object was a 3 dimensional square cube object. This object changed over time in appearance and navigational mode so I'll do my best to try to explain what I observed. The larger object was the rectangular object. From what I observed the side closest to me, the bottom, the back end and the front end were a purple grey type of material that had no seam lines. The object appeared to be filled with gas and the fabric covering the shell without seam lines did not undulate but kept a rigid straight line appearance on all edges and sides that I could observe while lifting slowly up at first. On the end closest to the billboard side of the building there was a short distance to the cube, and there were no connecting ropes, guy lines etc. The cube was rotating on a 360 degree pattern, always remaining at the same end of the rectangle. The cube rotated that 360 degrees at a faster rotation rate than the lift rate of the two objects together. The cube straight up lift rate was the same as the purple grey rectangle. The cube appeared to have a purple bottom and alternating purple grey on one side, red on line side and yellow on one side and black on one side of the cube accounting for a 4 sided cube. The cube like the rectangle had no seam lines, appeared to be of some kind of fabric, without seams, and kept the edges and sides perfectly straight and rigid there was no undulation in the fabric like a cloth baloon would be expected to have. Also surprising there was no visible frame structure such as internal piping retaining the outer edges of either the cube or the rectangle.

As the objects continued to slowly rise, I noticed as did my husband, that if these objects were filled with a bouyant gas, it sure did not move away from I-35 as the Auto Outlet yellow and purple lot balloons did. The objects did not respond to the very gusy wind that day in terms of speed and direction. The objects were going straight up slowly as though no wind were present at all!! It was so gusty it was hard to ride the bikes sideways to the wind. The winds slowed our speed. It took a lot more effort to pedal against this kind of wind and move.

It was very surprising to my husband and myself that no one on I-35 tried to pull over on the shoulder and stop and look at these two objects. It was as though they did not see the objects as unusual or they had no frame of reference with which to relate to the objects.

The objects did not make any sound at all as they moved.

After the objects got above the height of the "along the access road power lines", they changed configuration. The purple grey rectangle shifted somehow as on an invisible axis and moved from horizontal view to an up-ended view and as it did so the cube moved with it, still rotating as it did so in relationship to the very same end of the rectangle. The cube ended up above the straight ended up rectangle and continued its rotation at all times. Remember please, there were no guys, no ropes, no attachments between the cube, the space between and the end of the rectangle.

Once up-ended in a vertical arrangement, the purple grey fabric of the rectangle began to undulate like a catepillar's segmented body trying to move up a leave blowing in the wind. Pockets of gas started to undulate upwards inside the rectangle towards the top end of the object. As more gas was moving upwards, gas from below leaving the lower portion, caused the object to lose the rigid rectangular shape from the original lift, sinking in in that region and narrowing the formerly rectangular lower end section. The top section closest to the cube was rounded now and the fabric was bulging out from the increased gas pockets inside. The overall structure looked like it was climbing up not just floating up. All this while the cube kept its perfect cube shape and continued rotating without attachment on the same end of the other object it always stayed in configuration with.

This continued until the object was quite small and as high up as the air space normally traveled by a stunt plane pre-jet. At that height, it appeared to resume the shape originally seen during the lift and turned the cube end west ward. Originally the cube end was facing the south. With the cube facing west I could only see the bottom of the purple rectangle and the back end of the original purple grey rectangular larger object. At this point, the objects took off at a vastly increased speed, while not as fast as a jet air plane it was noticeably faster than any derrigle I have ever observed. The rate was possibly faster than a private beechcraft plane going approximately 120 miles an hour or more. My brother owns one and I have flown as a passenger in his plane before.

I have never seen anything move like this before, constructed like this before, change shape like this before, and my husband and I do not believe the objects were man made.

We do believe it was some kind of surveying unit or probe for close observation of the environment. Something like a mobile environmental collector.

The area is close to the Balcones fault line, the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, Canyon Lake area. So there are geographic anomalies close by. San Marcos River is entirely spring fed from the Aquifer.

Close in calendar time, we read an article about the US Government considering budgeting funds for high flying spy derribles. However, this was before that project was funded because the news story stated lobbying was going on to obtain support for a bill in Congress to fund the spy derrigibles. Such spy derrigibles were to be extremely high altitude units.

The objects we saw flew close to the ground and in normal air space. They simply moved as nothing else ever observed and were constructed in a unique way out of unique materials.

It would appear from when we first saw the rectangular 3 D with rotating cube on one end that it had just lifted up from the lot behind the Auto Outlet and we had arrived at the frontage access road just as the slowly rising object topped over the top of the buildings. We did not take pictures. I do not know if my husband would consent to talking about this to anyone for fear of derision. I want to protect my anonymity because I am a licensed state professional.

Second first hand account My husband and I were driving into Austin Texas on I-35 and observed two grey apparently gas filled tubular shapes, the length of a standard pick up truck undulating in movement floating very close to the ground but never touching the ground, down I-35 next to a concrete divider wall (units for use while road construction is in progress), between Onion Creek and Town Lake. We both were amazed. The objects paced our vehicle perfectly, we were going about 65 mph because traffic was heavey in broad day light. The objects were directly in front of us and over to the driver's side closest to the concrete divider. Then we watched in total amazement as one object went straight throught the concrete divider having turned with the movement of an eel towards the concrete divider it had been traveling next to. The other object undulated sideways and up and over the top of the concrete divider unit and down the other side. Both left our view at that point. We both agreed they did not appear man made, had no seams. These two units were grey gas filled like tubes that undulated like eels and/or worms, were longer than a man is tall, and seemed to make decisional changes in direction and speed. They also appeared translucent, which the tow objects described in first hand account were definately not translucent at any time that we observed. It was almost as if the grey tubes were life forms. No eyes, no mouths, etc. The skin on these two objects did not look like any kind of fabric but rather like a membrane. The closest thing I can think of is imagine a picture of a cell under a microscope without the internal elements and cilia.

We did not take pictures. No camera on hand at the time. I am not sure that my husband would agree to talk to anyone and I am a licensed state professional.

Family related experience My California Aunt and Uncle (Uncle is now deceased) had a home on private land that adjoined the Tahoe National Forest. This couple owns more than one home. They had a hill top home with a sliding glass door and outside deck overlooking a forested valley towards Tahoe National Forest. They get so many grazing acre rights inside the forest for having land adjoining the forest. This is why they located there or so my mother has told me. One night they were both sleeping with the curtains open where they could see out through their sliding glass doors as they feel asleep. At the same moment they awoke to see a blinding white light fill their bedroom and the space outside the sliding glass door. As if mesmerized they felt drawn to go outside on the deck to try to discern the shape of the object and make out what it was. The object they told me later was huge and appeared to be round due to the light. They never could see the defined edges of the object because the brightness of the light never diminished enough to make out the actual edges. The object made no sound and drifted or floated towards the valley floor below them. After a while it appeared to land and the lights went out. When the lights went out, because they were out in the country there were no surrounding lights to reveal the ship. In the morning they got up determined to attempt to travel to a road closest to where the ship landed and to hike on foot to try to find the landing sight and see if the ship was still there. They wanted to know what was going on where the ship had landed. When they got approximately where they would have to pull over on the shoulder of the road and hike to the site, they saw a man that looked exactly normal from a distance. They drove right up to him, stopped and got out to speak to him. The man was dress in a white shirt, white pants, white belt, white socks, white shoes, all in white. His hair was soft and his face was unlined. The man was normal height and had black hair, black eyes with undiscernable pupils from the color portion of the eyes, fair skin like a caucasian and normal looking features. However the air there felt charged and something about this man did not feel right to my aunt and uncle. At this time my aunt and uncle were in their mid fifties. The man appeared no older than his thirties. He was lean and fit. They asked this man if he had seen the bright light in the sky last night and if he was there looking for what had landed. They asked him where his car was. The man was in the middle of no where so to speak and there were no other people around, no animals in view, no bicycles in view, no motorized vehicles of any kind save my aunt and uncles car. They asked him if he needed assistance or a ride somewhere.

The man at first listened to their questions but said nothing. When my aunt and uncle fell silent and stopped asking questions the man looked at them like he really meant business and told them that it would be in their best interest not to try to find the landing site, not to hike in the woods that day, not to stay in the area and that they should leave the area immediately. They left feeling not at all comfortable with the situation. Having driving less than a car length away my uncle said he stopped the car to look back towards the man to see if he had failed to observe anything else important. The man had simply disappeared from view. There was a distance of at least 100 feet or more between the road and the tree line of the forest and nothing man made or geologic for the man to hide behind. The man had simply disappeared from view. They said they never saw anything like this before or after this experience. They told me they were certain the ship was a UFO and the man was not a human born on this planet.

My aunt and uncle did not give me permission to release this information but they told it to me first hand. They did not take any pictures.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))