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Occurred : 3/14/2007 22:19 (Entered as : 03/14/07 22:19)
Reported: 3/15/2007 7:53:58 AM 07:53
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Eden, NC
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:two to three seconds
Extremely fast moving lights in North Carolina

At about 22:19 or so I was walking my dog in the neighborhood where I live. It was an unseasonably warm eveing. Temperature was around 70 degrees F. There was little to no wind. The sky was clear. Humidity was low.

I live in a small town in northern North Carolina. There are lights from a shopping mall about a mile away and street lamps here and there in our neighborhood BUT on a clear night one can still see many familiar constellations, etc.

I just happened to look up at the sky when I observed the sighting.

All of the ligts were yellowish in color and NOT blinking.

They were moving in a general S to N line at an EXTREMELY high rate of speed. When I first saw them they were about 12 o’clock position and only took about 2-3 sec. to go out of sight to the N.

One has to remember that tthis happened VERY fast. As best as I can remember there were 5 or 6 lights in the shape of a rectangle.

Its hard to say whether this was a single object with several lights or several distinct objects. The lights all moved in tandem and at the same rate of speed. What struck me as much as anything was the RATE of speed and the absolute silence before, during, and after the sighting.

I am 58 years old and this was my first sighting.

I am a veteran and my son is a pilot. I have been around aircraft all my life and I have NEVER seen any aircraft move at that rate of speed. To cover half of the night sky in 2-3 seconds is MOVING.

Now a big problem here is to try and judge the SIZE of the object or objects. I am not able to do that as it happened so fast.

Of course the larger the object(s) far away it all very important in determing its speed. I was not able to do that ! As I stood there contemplating what I just saw ( 5-10 min) I could see a couple of aircraft lights coming into view coming from the ENE heading on a WSW trajectory as we live on a corridor for traffic into the Greensboro PTI airport which is about 35 miles away to our WSW so at night there are aircraft almost constantly in the sky on this line of flight. The sightings were on the opposite side of the sky.

I immediately thought that "some of these pilots in these commercial aircraft MUST have seen what I saw. There was just no way they could have missed it."

There was no mention of anything related to this on the local 11 0’Clock TV news !