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Occurred : 3/24/2007 20:35 (Entered as : 03/24/07)
Reported: 3/24/2007 10:18:08 PM 22:18
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Simi Valley, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:30 to 45 seconds
Light travelling, turning.

I was lying on my hammock in my backyard looking North/West at Orions Belt at 08:35 pm. when a dim light treked through my line of sight. As I followed it, it staggered and grew brighter for a second, sped up, dimmed back to original illumination [like a star or satellite] it kept travelling north to south but with noticeable mini 'S' turns included in its flight. It kept going same speed, same turns, same direction until it faded out of sight to the south.

Thank You.

((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the witness may have observed the flare from an Iridium satellite. Please see:

Below is the schedule of Iridium flare sightings for March 23 and 24:

Date Local Time Intensity ( Mag) Alt. Azimuth Distance to flare centre Intensity at flare centre (Mag.) Satellite
23 Mar 20:30:43 -1 32° 4° (N ) 28.9 km (W) -7 Iridium 56
24 Mar 20:24:31 -4 34° 4° (N ) 11.8 km (W) -7 Iridium 84