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Occurred : 3/26/2007 18:00 (Entered as : 03/26/07 18:00)
Reported: 3/27/2007 7:23:46 PM 19:23
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Shoreline, WA
Shape: Sphere
Accidentally photographed UFO's

While processing photos I had taken at Richmond Beach, I discovered I had photographed a UFO in two of the images. Further, I had inadvertently photographed an object that looks identical last August in this same location.

These objects are so close in color and brightness to the background sky that they would go unnoticed. I noticed them because I used the Clarify option on PaintShop Pro which increases the contrast on low contrast large areas like sky.

It's nice to bring out the features of clouds but it also makes these objects more noticeable.

The object was to the north of Richmond Beach and the that I had photographed last August was to the north of Edmonds.

Either the object is intentionally matching the sky color and brightness to be stealthy or it's semi-transparent or translucent. It's not merely reflective or it would reflect the dark water underneath.

I have these photos online in my blog but since I'm not allowed to give identifying information I guess you'll have to use your imagination.

An interesting aspect is that they appear unfocused even though objects occupying fewer pixels in the same photograph are focused.

The most recent object did appear that it may have left a faint trail. It is so close to the limits of resolution though it is hard to tell.

You can contact me if you'd like to see the images. I would like to make them available for others to see as well as how I discovered them because I think it's possible these things may be more common than we know but go unnoticed because they are so close to sky color and brightness.