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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1965 19:00
Reported: 3/27/2007 8:30:31 PM 20:30
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Utica, MI
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 seconds
I saw 4 disk shapeed objects flying in fighter plane formation

Don't know how to cut and paste. Will make the report here. Here goes.

Date: May or June 1964 or '65. Time: Just past dark. Sky: Moonless, no clouds, excellent star gazing evening. My father had recently bought a boat and a pair of binoculars to use on the boat. It was a clear evening. I decided to take the binoculars and stargaze. Happened to meet a neighbor of mine out in front of my house. Every star was out, viewing was great! I happened to see large meteor. I quickly pointed it out to my neighbor. I first saw it appear in the SW sky heading NW and going down at about a 10 to 15 degree angle. Its heading would be about 315 degrees. It was huge and visible for much longer than any meteor I had ever seen. It disappeared on the dead west horizon. At the tender age of 14 or 15 I got the idea that it must have been a fairly good size hunk of rock hit earth dead west of where we were. We lived 25 miles north of Detroit at the time. I also figured that it hit well beyond Lake Michigan. I believe the next day in the local papers was the story of a meteorite that hit somewhere in Iowa. Had a map in the article and I was right! Do some research, you might find it and then know when it happened. It hit dead west of us hundreds of miles away in Iowa I believe. Less than a minute later I saw something out of the corner of my eys in the SE skymaybe 30 degrees off the horizon. I quickly locked with both eyes and at first thought I was looking at a flock of ducks or geese. The flock was making an arcing turn to the north and west. As they got directly east they flattened out in a smooth motion and started to pass overhead and go directly west. Didn't seem like birds flapping wings to me, this was smooth and no wing flap sound. I quickly locked on with the binoculars. They were well focused. About 60 degrees off the horizon, east I saw 4 disk shaped objects flying in fighter plane formation. There was structure to them, not just disks with a dome. I could see wind screens. They, the craft, were luminiscent.Didn't really have time to see who the pilots were. And traveling fast . I h! ollered Look to my riend. Adrenalin was pumping I was excited to say the least. I quickly gave the binocs to my friend. He got a quick look before they disapeared from sight, going dead west. Stll no sound what so ever. I kind of thought they may head to where the meteor hit. I believe the ufos were 500 to 1,000 agl ( above ground leve). From the time they were directly overhead to the time they were gone from sight was only a few secnds. Fighter jets would take longer and make a hell of a noise. Single engine private planes probably would be visible for a couple minutes Seemed like maybe going about 20 or 22 times faster than say, a Piper or a Cescna.

This would put the speed about 2,100 mph. This also seems to be a good guess on my part. Next day I told my sisters husband about it. He was in the army in a radar control room at a Nike missle base tat was on a nearby air force base.I told him the time, speed direction. He says they saw them, didn't know what they were and weren't supposed to talk about it. Next day while on my paper route I stopped at a local ice cream stand and told a friend of mine the worked there what we saw. He told me not to tell him, but tell the guy behind me. Turns out to be a guy from another Nike base. He happened to be at in the radar control room at that base at the time and reconfimed what my sisters husband said, including they weren't suppose to talk about it. In the mean time I read everything I can on the subject of ufos. Lot of garbage out thereWhat is real, what is't? I learned to talk to very few people on the subject of ufos. Now the whole reason for this report. In a sighting report you wrote,"We do not understand why if the same witness reported to NUFORCin 1993, he has waited until 2005to report his sighting in 1968. Doesn't make sense to us. PD" I can tell from experience I don't report all ufos I see. Might want to tell the story annonymusly, or tell the story before time runs out as Maj. Marcel did. I have one better sighting that involved 2 Mich State Troopers. I don't talk about that one much.

I am a veteran of naval aviation.I worked as an aviation firecontrol bombing radar tech and aviaion electronic technition working on aviation fireconrtol bombing radar systems, aviation radio navigation, aviation communications, early missle warning systems, and electronic warfare systems. Did this Dec '68to Dec '72. Joined the navy to beat the draft. (68 not a good year to get drafted) also spent 1 year on the CVA 67 Joon F Kennedy aircraft carrier, also a couple air force bases and naval air stations

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))