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Occurred : 3/25/2007 15:10 (Entered as : 03/25/07 15:10)
Reported: 3/27/2007 9:34:25 PM 21:34
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Las Cruces, NM
Shape: Triangle
Duration:20 minutes
Triangular UFO with tentacles.

Sunday, March 25 The evening was calm, warm, and cloudless. I was in my front yard talking to my best friend. At around 7:10 pm, I looked up to the sky and saw a strange triangular object in the sky. We looked at it for a while to see if it would move, but it appeared to stay still; almost floating; in the sky for at least 5 minutes. We thought it was strange because it was really close to the moon.

I called out to my mom to come see the object because I thought she would know what it was. My mom didn’t know what it was, so she got the binoculars so we could see it up close. Then, it appeared to move. But not like an airplane, it was slower; but yet even slower than a helicopter.

By the time my dad came outside to see it, it was moving, at about the speed of a helicopter, towards us. Then an airplane passed by it, but from my point of view, it looked as if it went right under it.

I looked at it through the binoculars; I saw a triangular shape with rounded corners. The triangular part was black but not shiny. It almost looked like black plastic. It also had a translucent stripe through the middle. When it got closer you could see some tentacle-looking claws from the left and right sides. They were silver but shiny, as if made from metal.

Then we noticed it moving southeast towards the mountains. But then I started speeding up and going up towards the sky. Soon we couldn’t see it as well because it sped up and was going in random directions. Then we just saw it disappear into the sky.

The whole ordeal lasted about 20 minutes. That night I got on the internet to look for triangular UFOs but I only found one that has lights in the corners and a beam in the middle.

Maybe it wasn’t a UFO I saw but I definitely don’t think it was an airplane or helicopter because of the shape. But I really think that if anyone sees a UFO that they think looks like mine should take a picture an report it as another type of UFO.