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Occurred : 4/2/2007 00:30 (Entered as : 04/02/07 0030)
Reported: 4/1/2007 11:07:00 PM 23:07
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 to 12 min.
three object moving west over Cuyahoga Falls moving at varied speeds no navigational lights no stobe

At approximately 0025 or 0030 hours 02 April 2007 I saw my mother staring out the front door of our home and had just taken the dog outside. She acting strangely and was just staring with the dog back inside already, so I asked her what she was doing and she said something about looking at a star, but she thought it was twinkling too brightly.

I said," it's probably just Venus or something. I looked at this star for a moment which seemed to be in our N by NW sky.

The bright moon was behind me and I tried to see if I could see any other stars in the sky and or if I could see what I thought were planets versus stars so that I could explain it to my mother that it was probably just nothing.

When I looked behind me I saw what seemed to also be a bright star but it was moving and then slowly at first then seemed to speed up and then resume previous speed. It moved in and out of the clouds as there was some medium cloud cover.

Then I noticed that there were two objects, then I noticed there were two objects the second was behind the other but not following directly behind it but to the left and behind to the indication of about 12 inches if I put my fingers apart as an indication as I looked up in the sky. The objects looked to be of similar size and brightness to the planet Venus when it is the biggest and brightest in the sky.

I thought that was strange so I decided to go around the house into the backyard to get a better look without the roof of the house obstructing my view of the sky.

I was looking for navigation lights and strobe, so I was looking for green, red, or strobe of normal aircraft that fly over our skies as this is a heavy traffic area, but I saw none.

Then I scanned sky to my left to again see if I could locate any stars planets etc or anything else to compare these objects to, and I saw another object slowly moving through the sky as the others and identical, I was looking south southeast I could see no other stars just these objects in the sky an a very bright moon that was partially obscured by clouds.

Now I was looking at three objects that were different than the one I originally witnessed that had the attention of my mother.

It is hard to judge distance and altitude if you have nothing to gage by, so all I can say is if I were holding my hands up to the sky out at 45 degree angles and my armpit being a tangent line that would be going straight out then the objects were that far apart.

So to better explain if I was holding my hands up in front of me the first two objects traveling west were 36 to 40 inch's in front of the solo traveling object, also moving west.

So two objects were traveling west as I was looking south, south west and another also traveling west as I was looking south south east.

Now here is the weird part and i have no way to explain how this happened.

As I was looking s se at the third object traveling west, I turned to look back at the other two objects and they were right back in the same place they had been when I first saw them and then they started to move west again as if the entire event had been rewound on a video and that disturbed me greatly.

At that time my mother had come out in the back yard. I was asking her to watch them move and I pointed out the other object in that was traveling solo and it too was in it's original position as I first saw it,as I looked back at it Then I went back to looking at the two traveling west together and my mother was looking at the single object which she said had stopped and then started to move again.

I realized at that time this situation was indeed strange to say the least and I immediately without hesitation came to my computer which was on.

I entered in the search for peter davenport UFO reporting center and had the number to call within seconds and within one minute was making the report.

I was instructed to call another witness immediately and then proceeded to follow that instruction as best I could. I called a friend that I had been visiting earlier in the evening as said go outside and look. That person witnessed three object as I did and also when she looked back at the two they appeared to be in the original position that she saw them in.

So the objects were continually moving west and at varied speeds and then if you looked away for any reason and then observed them again the objects seemed to be where you first saw them, but they never appeared to stop moving, However when I first saw the single object looking S SE at first it seemed stationary then moved slightly and then moved in a continuous manner.

None of the witnesses including myself were under the influence of any type of drug or alcohol and had not partaken in any drugs or alcohol or any stimulating substances as we are all non drinkers and do not take drugs.

I am a former Civil Air Patrol cadet squadron commander and held the rank of Second Lt. having served in CAP for five years. I was cadet commander of Squadron 130 Group One based at Van Nuys Airport Prior to that I was a Search base radio NCO, Squadron 10 Group Two in Northern California and was based at Reid Hill-view airport, in Palo Alto California I am a trained CAP Air Search and rescue observer.I have also served on ground teams.

I participated in more than 25 searchs in five years and attended flight training school. I learned how to fly at 16 years old, however I am not currently a licensed pilot.

What I observed was strange indeed and the objects in the sky did not act or move like conventional aircraft.

My opinion is that what was observed can only be filed as unidentified.

When I returned back outside after calling the reporting center and my friend, the cloud cover was heavy and not medium and none of the sky was visible which I also thought was strange indeed, as only medium cloud cover was visible during the observations of the object.

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to this witness for the excellent report he submitted, and for his having done everything right, i.e. for his having attempted to have other witnesses observe the object. PD))