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Occurred : 4/1/2007 03:00 (Entered as : 040107 03:00)
Reported: 4/2/2007 3:04:27 AM 03:04
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Mooresville, NC
Shape: Fireball
Duration:3+ Hours
((NUFORC Note: We suspect that a celestial body, perhaps a twinkling star, would have to be ruled out, before we could conclude that the witnesses had observed a genuine UFO. PD))

Star appearance with rapid accelerations and instant major changes of velocity for over two hours witnessed by 5 people with some video

We were night fishing at lake norman near the duke power plant and mcguirre nuclear station very early in the morning, more for fun than fish. The first witness discovered the first object by laying on the sub deck on the bow of the boat. looking at the stars, one star in paticular, bright and over head. He called nine year old son to lay on the bow with him and asked him to just look at the one star. The boy said " oh my god, it moved! " We had the radio on, myself witness #3 heard their talking abruptly and stearnly turn into, it's a UFO! and several whooos and oh my gods and you got to see this from both of them.

At first I blew them off for five minutes or so as I continued to make my leader lines for casting and made sarcastic comments with, Witness #1's wife, who is witness #2's mom and herself witness #4. Their voice and concern grew greater as he insisted for his wife to grab their low memory digital video recorder. I soon realized that whatever they were seeing, they were seeing at the same time. He said to me " come up here and lay still and dont take your eyes off that star for at least three minutes. I believe in UFO's and government technologies, and I concider myself to be very sientific, very good with spacial reasoning. I'm familuar with referencing to stars, earth, moon, and ground effect. Let me add belated that we were at anchor with a good catch of something at 40 to 50 feet in gauge with my 100' rope and depth finder. I own the boat so I was very attentive to making sure we were not drifting, however, as you read on, drift, is not a factor in this equation. There was ofcourse some light movment if positional swinging off our 50' pivital point, but we were at a cove so the direction was within 15 - 25 degrees variance at the maximum. NOw to continue with what happened. I climb up on the sun deck of the bow with my friend and his son. I laid my head flat with vigorous attention on this star. My friend said " do you see that, it's slowly moving side! wats, no w watch. It will change direction. I did notice some unusual kind of movement but nothing conclusive at all. As a scientist and engineer I imediatly use my fingers and hands to position other stars and hold as a referrence. As my friend did as I did, I explained to him that the muscles in the human body can move so slowly that you never notice the difference making an unreliable frame of referrence, but for now well see if we notice. He said " watch, I saw a light at the end of it and it moved much faster and the suddenly stop and suddenly make total direction changes. As he is telling me this, I'm recalling in my mind the video of the NASA Shuttle in orbit that filmed what I think they called debris floating along one direction and then a sudden small flash and it darted like 120 degrees if the direction it was heading. He's got my interest but not yet his wifes or our friend the 5th witness. As promised this object definetly made sudden fast burst of movment and then totally changed velocity. I watched in amazment as we witnessed a few of the longer traveled burst that could not have, in any way, been any sort of misguided frame of reference, drift, pivot or spin of our boat, or ground effect or our eyes becoming lazy and moving. Partly because we all saw they same movments at the same time. At this point I am confident my friend's claim correct. I start to report to his wife what I'm seeing as he is begging her to start the vidoe recorder for him. I then also grabbed my phone with short video and tried to record what we were seeing. His wife at this time was still giggling and joking and really didnt take anyone seriously. We both try to capture the object on film as it starts doing far more aerobatical phenominons. I guessed that this object if it were the size of a commercial airliner, would have been approximatly 25,000 - 45,000 feet AGL and at one point I had to trace the object while holding my video phone pointed at around 50 degrees in the sky to 85 - 90 degrees in less than 1 ! 1/2 seco nds and then suddenly stop. My friend has the very bright idea to then signal this UFO ( I am calling now a UFO because all 5 people on the boat are now convinced ) with a mag light. I do not know if it was coinsidence or if his signaling actually provoked very rapid and major changes in velocity. It started to look like a ping pong ball ( a little exsadurated but you get the point ) moving in what appeared to be erratic behavoir. My friend says he suspects there is another below by 40 degrees and left by 60 degrees. As we watched it as well, it appeared to have less abrupt and frequent similar movments. We all concintrated on the first sighted UFO more do to the show it was putting on for us. Because of the less amount of interest in the sighted UFO #2 we ended up noticing that it appeared to be getting closer and with my no-fear friend still flashing the light at it every so often, the rest of us were starting to get pretty frightened so we all agreed to get out of there as fast as possible. We fled to the North side of the Hwy 150 bridge. It was still visable to us and maintained the erratic behavior until we stopped following it until around 5-6 AM. It was by far the most unusual and appreciated experience of my life. I almost forgot, could very well have been the shock and rush to catch this on video, but my PC phone by verizon, frooze up more than once and had to be restarted while trying to get to the video menus so I could record and the footage I did get was only two five second shots. My friend appeared to have issues with their equipment too, however, they were new to their recorders functions.