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Occurred : 4/16/2007 21:05 (Entered as : 04/16/07 21:05)
Reported: 4/17/2007 11:18:35 AM 11:18
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Brentwood, CA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:3-5 minutes each
3 fiery, balls of light moving slowly across the night sky within a 45 minute time frame.

April 16th, 2007, Brentwood, CA (East SF Bay Area) Witness: 21 year old female 9:05 P.M.

Lying in bed, I saw out my northeast-facing window what I first thought to be the reflection of a car headlight moving across the glass. It took me only a second to realize that the size, shape and movement of the light was all wrong and definitely not a reflection. I got out of bed and was astonished to see a ball of orange light, emanating a sort of fiery glow. I cannot stress enough the image of fire in this situation.

My first thought was that it was an airplane on fire in the distance or a flare, but it wasn’t falling and there was no smoke. Instead it moved from west to northeast in a very controlled motion. When I determined that it was going slow enough that I would be able to alert my father and mother before it disappeared, I ran from the room.

Soon 4 of us were gathered on the front porch watching it move further away, getting smaller until it was only a pinprick of light and then gone. The weather was immaculate: clear skies and a very minimal amount of wind. The object made no sound and was visible to us for about 4-5 minutes. We debated who to call and finally decided to go to bed without doing anything.

9:15 P.M.

I had just reentered my room and was in front of the window, opening my curtains a little more "just in case" when an even bigger "orb" came into sight from over my neighbors roof (the same direction as the first object.)

As far as size goes, it started out a little bit bigger than an aspirin held at arms length, gradually getting smaller as it moved further away. I yelled for my family again and 4 of us ran out onto the porch once more. My father snapped two pictures with a 35 mm (the film of which hasn’t been developed yet.)

This object did the exact same thing as the first - slowly fade into the northeastern sky - but seemed to move a tiny bit quicker, lasting around 3-4 minutes before it disappeared from sight. Our neighbors were outside and we cried, "Are you seeing this?!" They said it was like nothing they’d ever seen before. Back inside we called the National UFO Center in Davenport, WA and I spoke to a man and answered questions about what I had seen. He told me it was not a meteor and there were no scheduled missile launches in our area.

9:45 P.M.

We were sitting down to write our own personal accounts when my youngest sister called out, "It’s back!" My entire family, this time including my other sister (making a total of 5 of us) stood on the porch staring in disbelief at the third "orb." It behaved in an identical fashion as the first two. Though the three did disappear in the same region of sky, they not disappear in identical places.

Witness: 54 year old male Approx. 9:05 P.M. my daughter called me to come and look at a strange, glowing object in the sky. I was in my bedroom upstairs and walked out of my room. There’s a window that looks out to the N.E. I saw an orange, glowing light moving slowly in the eastern sky. It was clear night, no clouds. It appeared to be moving slowly away, getting smaller, but the light appeared to be pulsing and becoming dimmer. Not sure if it was because of distance as it moved away or was dimming. We watched it for another few minutes. I called my wife to come and see it. She saw it for a minute or so before it disappeared from view.

We were all excited and mystified. It did not appear to be a plane and made no sound that we could hear. We talked about reporting it but decided we felt silly. I started to go back to bed. After another couple of minutes my daughter called out that she sees another one! I bolted out of my room in disbelief and witnessed another glowing object at 9:15 in the same location. I ran downstairs to run outside for a better unobstructed view. It seemed larger and very bright orange. It almost appeared to be on fire, like shimmering rising from a slow-moving, floating orb. I could not make out any details - only orange-red glowing as it moved from west to east. My daughter came up behind me from inside and handed me her 35 mm camera. I snapped 2 photos. We then called the Nat’l UFO Center in Davenport, WA. My daughter reported the incident to them on the phone.

Amazingly, my youngest daughter, who was able to see the 2nd orb was looking into the eastern sky and and yelled out that she sees another one! We thought she was joking, but we ran to the front door anyway and witnessed a 3rd identical object traveling in the same direction. We were somewhat alarmed by it by now. My neighbor was outside standing on his driveway, talking to a friend. I called over and said, "C--, do you see that? What is it?"

He said he had never seen anything like it. We watched it disappear in the same direction after several minutes.

Witness: 13 year old female On April 16, 2007, I saw an orange fiery ball in the sky that I thought was a UFO. It started at about 9:05 and they were about 5 minutes long in the sky. My other 4 family members saw them in the sky. When I saw the second one it scared me and it looked like a ball of fire traveling northeast in the clear night sky. That one started at about 9:15. When I spotted the third one through my living room window, it was a little smaller than a full moon. When it traveled across the sky, it went left to right and then stopped. When it stopped it started to fade away. That was about 9:45 to 9:50 or 9:55. My dad got two shots of it with his camera.

Other witnesses: 50 year old female, 17 year old female, several neighbors.