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Occurred : 4/20/2007 00:00 (Entered as : 04/33/07 0:00)
Reported: 4/21/2007 11:42:07 PM 23:42
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Longwood, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:1 min
Craft splits into 3 flying peices and another comes from "nowhere"

I was on my computer when I felt the strongest urge to go out into my backyard and absorb the night sky and relax. I haven’t gone out in almost a year to absorb the beauty of the night sky, but today was the day that I will never forget, and will never regret for doing so.

As I stepped out into my backyard, my eyes were trying to adjust from the computer that I was staring at for sometime. I lay on the concrete floor and relaxed to enjoy the night sky. I live in a city where lights do obscure most of the sky when one stares out to the distance from ones zenith.

I am a college student at my local community college and have taken astronomy and other sciences to give me the ability, to some degree, to determine what has validity and what doesn’t. I routinely have helicopters and airplanes fly over my house, but what I saw this night was not such.

As I lay for about 5 minutes, the stars in the night sky became much clearer. I was telling myself how I must get away from technology, such as the internet and T.V. for starters. I told myself that I need to go out on a regular basis and take in my surroundings, and as I finished that thought, a light came from "out of the sky" and into my view. It moved swiftly and at a very steady pace. I was waiting to see some pulsating lights and to hear some sounds to determine if it was a plane, jet, or anything that I can relate it to, but it never came. As I boggled to determine what it was, I noticed that it seemed as if the lights where joined. As I finished that thought, it split up into three different lights. The light (then lights) were moving in a southeast to northeast direction. When the lights broke off from each other, the middle one did not stay in formation, and pulled closer to the one left of it.

The perimeter of my backyard has trees, and when it reached that area, I was still capable of seeing it very well. Then a fourth light came out of "nowhere" and started following it as well. The middle one kept on moving back in forth from the center of the formation towards the light left to it. The lights kept its speed and that’s when I told myself that I still have time to get my fourteen-year-old brother to enjoy this fascinating and boggling experience. I say boggle because when describing it to someone else, that is all that they would be capable of comprehending. Truly I was not boggled but sure that there are other people like us out their, with fascinating advancements in their civilizations. As my brother hurried towards the backyard, his eyes were not adjusted to see what I was seeing. I felt alone in enjoying this, but none the less it was beautiful. As my brother was out in the backyard with me, only three were remaining heading towards the northeast sky, and eventually the city lights obscured it from total sight.

The lights were like that of a medium star that you would see in the night sky, but it did not pulsate or give off rays, (as if a kid were to draw the sun where rays are being placed around the sun) such as the stars exhibit at night. The light was oval shaped but not totally, it seemed like a solid light but not emitting light out wards (it’s as if the energy of the light was contained in its structure), and it was definitely thousands of feet up in the sky. I know that we have bad depth perception when estimating the distance in the sky at night, but I have looked at objects fly over my house at night, so I have some confidence in my statement. Also the estimation has to be drawn by how big the object was, so if I were to guess the size, just one of the lights that split up had to be bigger than a conventional airplane. Their were no other planes or conventional objects in the area. It did not move in a straight line in the southeast and northwest direction, but swiftly and naturally. The main word is that it was so natural the way they moved. My brother went on playing his video games, but I am changed forever. I have studied and researched "UFO’s" all my life, with the disclosure project research and other sources under my belt.

If I were to tell someone my background in what I know about"UFO’s," I think it would add less creditability to me, but since I know so much about it, subjectively I have a better chance at determining what I saw. I ask myself, "Why am I so special to have these lights tell me to come out and see them move so naturally and beautifully?" They wanted me to see them, they wanted me to do what I have been meaning to do, and that is to go back outside, and meditate, and get away from technology like I have before. This sighting was meant to be personal. I don’t mean to be so dramatic but this is my TRUTH, my reality, my life, my experience and overall this is FACT. To sum up what I learned tonight, it is this message that they wanted me to give. "They are here, and they are almost ready."

I called coast to coast but it rang endlessly and maybe it was because it is a Saturday, so I remembered the ufo center website and called them, but I only left a message. I immediately started writing about it to get everything that I saw and felt in detail so it will not slip into memory.

I just really hope I was not the only special one this night, so that this can be collaborated on by many other eyewitnesses.

Thanks for your consideration to take my account seriously. ((name deleted))

((NUFORC Note: One of three reports from same source. PD))