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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/15/1989 18:00 (Entered as : 12/??/89 18:00)
Reported: 5/3/2007 4:13:17 AM 04:13
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Glennwood, OR
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 Minute
A brightly lit perfectly round sphere floated in front of the car at a traffic signal.

A "family member" and myself were waiting at a traffic light on Franklin Blvd. in a small burb between the cities of Eugene and Springfield. We just picked up a pizza to take home on one of these foggy evenings at this time of year. The fog was just starting to condense and lower towards the ground as it was visible by the city lights. It was already dark and you could see the moon rising to our left. I was a passenger in the car and noted to my co-occupant that the moon was rising. And then I saw another more bright, round sphere-shaped object coming from the left side of the vehicle. It appeared at first to be the same size as the moon. But it moved steadily and became brighter as it crossed our plane of view from left to right,(East to West). The object was a bright white lighted sphere, a completely round ball. It's size seemed to be approx. 15-20 feet in diameter. As it moved I got the attention of the person with me and alerted him to it. That is when I noticed that he was in a state of mild shock, for he would never believe in anything like UFO's, ghosts or any thing out of the ordinary. I quickly focused my eyes on this thing in disbelief myself. It floated slowly in front of us about roughly 1000 ft. away and about 150 feet off the ground. It appeared to be manuevering around trees and it would rise up into the lowering fog layer creating a glow in the fog. It would then drop back down towards the ground. At one point it came close in and I could clearly see that it was a three dimensional object for it had a shadow feature on the bottom and was more bright in the middle and less towards the edges. I got really excited and told my "family member" that we should follow it because it moved slow enough to be pursued. It eventually disappeared behind a hill and then my fellow occupant suddenly grabed me by the neck and very forcefully said in no uncertain terms,"Don't tell anyone we saw this thing!" And then he just non-chalantly turned the car out onto the main road and drove off a! s if not hing ever happened. I was shocked by his reaction to witnessing this together. For I thought; lets hear him deny that there are things in this universe that cannot be explained! To this day he claims to have no recollection that we ever saw this thing together. He is either under some kind of spell or in deep denial. It was several months later that my memory of this experience hit me like a sledge hammer and It took me a while to realize It was not some kind of strange day dream. Part of my curiosity about him having such an agressive reaction to something from out of this world is that he is a very close personal friend to an influential congressman and a prominent businessman in the community. His fear would be based on their reputations in the community. So, I remained silent for many years. One strange thing did happen one evening over a card game with some friends and we got on the subject of UFO's and the like and I told my friends about this experience and Brian suddenly had this wierd look and he recollected a story from a close friend back in Indiana when he was in high school. His friend told him about seeing this exact same thing from a car parked on the side of a country road and it had landed in a recently mowed hay field. They apparently had a good look at it and were able to size it up based on these rolled up balls(bales) of hay. It was three times the size of one of the hay bales, and Brian's friends brother got out of the car and walked up to it and actually touched it! Later they found themselved in the car together and it was near morning. They claimed to have lost some time. When Brian's friend came to, his brother grabbed him by the neck and said those exact same words that my "family member" said to me in 1998! "Don't tell anyone we saw this thing!" Now this really blew me out of the water, because I had always wondered if I was simply loosing touch with reality over this experience. My friend Brian is a musician and business man as well and I have never heard him talk o! r discus s anything outside of this realm of existence. Strange, what is this thing? A probe? A time travel device? There was no sound or other lights around or near the object.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. One of two dramatic sighting reports from the same source. PD))