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Occurred : 4/21/2007 16:30 (Entered as : 04/21/07 16:30)
Reported: 5/5/2007 5:26:12 AM 05:26
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Bridgend (UK/Wales),
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 mins aprox
daylight sighting of a classic disc type object.

Firstly I have had 3 daylight sightings in my lifetime. Firstly, I would like to relate to you the most shocking sighting. I was working as an IT technician and was on location at Cardiff High School. I was waiting for a windows operating system installation to finish and was looking out of the library window feeling quite bored. It was quite cloudy, very overcast and the cloud cover was quite low. It was December 05 and we had had some rain earlier in the morning and through the clouds I could see a diamond type shape making its way through the could cover. I continued watching it thinking that it was a hot air baloon as it seemed to bob through the clouds like a cork would on water.

As it got closer it broke through the cloud cover it was a cylider, gun metal grey in colour that was slowly rotating. When it broke through the clouds it was at a left angle. It straightened out! and leaned to the right still rotating and then went back into the clouds. It really felt like I was seeing something that I shouldn't be seeing and it was so large and onimous that it kind of freaked me out, so much so that I quit my job to be closer to home. I now work in Swansea at 5 grand less a year to be closer to my family incase anything should happen. It seems a bit of an extreme action but either I was badly halucinating or I actually saw something that was totally out of this world. I cannot tell you what it was but I can tell you it was no plane, baloon, venus or swap gas.

My earlier UFO sighting happened to me when I was 11 years old, in the middle of the day at my local Junior school.

I was always the last to be picked for football being a short fat kid and was hanging off the raillings of the school yard waiting to be picked as goalie as usual. It was a clear sunny day and visibility was really good. I heard some of the kids in the yard start saying things like they were looking at a flying saucer.I glanced up but couldn't see anything. I looked around to my left and saw to my astonishment what can only be discribed as two dinner plates joined together top to top and viewed from the side. It made no noise at all and shot across the sky from one mountain at the top of the valley behind another valley into the next.

It went from the Llynfi valley (town called maesteg) into the Afan valley. It left a shadow on the ground and was below the height of the mountain which it passed behind. Literally a few seconds later there was an almightly roar as two RAF jets, Jaguars I think chased it behind the mountain it disappeared behind. It really freaked me out. The ufo literally left the planes standing.

I approached a teacher along with three other pupils and tried to explain what I had seen. I asked him why the ufo never made a sound and he told me the wind must have been blowing the other way???? Neadless to say that the incident changed my views on things for the rest of my life. If it was a government aircraft why was it being tested so low over a populated area? Don't they have test ranges for that sort of thing? Why did I hear the jets and not the ufo? Why would a government risk testing prototype untested aircraft over populated areas, when there is a danger of these "aircraft" failing? The object in my third sighting however was picked up by my digital camera using night shot in daylight. Nothing was seen at the time of the shot but when checking my pictures later a disc was clearly seen. This has been analysed by a private ufo group and the results are quite startling. ufo websight under recent posts. Next to the picture is a night sighting taken by my brother Andrew Pearce.