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Occurred : 5/6/2007 18:00 (Entered as : 05/06/07 18:00)
Reported: 5/6/2007 5:56:56 PM 17:56
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Canadensis, PA
Shape: Changing
Duration:3-5 minutes
Silver sphere changed to rocket over PA.

I was out playing in the yard with my three-year-old daughter, when a very large commercial plane passed overhead. It was very high- but so large that I could see the colored paint with the naked eye. Knowing that the flight pattern usually has a few planes in a row, I got out my binoculars so we could see the next one up close.

While we lay in the grass waiting for the next aircraft, we were looking at the clouds, and watching for birds. I raised the binoculars, and within a second or two saw an object much higher than both the previous plane, and the planes I usually see.

The object appeared to be a silver ball and was either stationary or moving very slowly in a small area of the sky. I strained to see it without the aid of the binoc’s. It was completely unobservable. I put the lenses back up, and it was still there.

At this point, I went next door to my mother’s house, and she came out to see. She could not see it, even with the binoculars. (She is blind in one eye, and has difficulty with lenses) Again, I tried to find it in the sky, and it was STILL there! But it was no longer spherical in appearance; it had changed to a rocket shape. It had what appeared to be tail fins, and was pointing upward. (Still not moving much if at all) I lowered the binoc’s again, for discussion, and when I raised them again a few seconds later the object was gone.

Later in the evening I noticed that my satellite radio was not receiving as well as usual- with both electronic sounds coming thru (beeps and blips) as well as difficulty receiving the signal. The antenna points in the general direction of where the object was sighted.