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Occurred : 5/7/2007 19:10 (Entered as : 050707 19:10)
Reported: 5/7/2007 2:50:47 AM 02:50
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Tauranga (New Zealand),
Duration:2 minutes
date: 5th May 2007 time: 7pm I have just seen a large flying object/ship/??? of some sort.

I was driving home across the back road between Rotorua and Tauranga, up over the mainly bush clad hills near the summit. This thing dropped down (rapidly) from above (my left-hand side, approx 20 degrees to west of north) and stopped completely still about 1km up (judging from the angle with the ground, I'm still not entirely sure about its distance away from me) . It sat there stopped for about 30 seconds ( it was not getting any closer or moving directly towards or away from me, it just sat there with constant size) then started to move very slowly towards the east (my right hand side) it moved far too slowly to be any aircraft. I stopped the car and turned the lights/radio and everything off, I just did not want to get any closer to it. It was directly in front of me. I thought of reversing but didn't want to make a sound or any movement to attract attention. It blotted out the stars behind it as it moved (approx 10-20 degrees of my field of vision). It moved in a snake trail path for about a minute and appeared to alter altitude slightly upwards then back down again. It had external red and blue lights and it turned away (swiveled/rotated anticlockwise) to face away from me before moving away. I am still not sure of its shape as it had red and blue lights/glowing on the bottom and some light around the edge/upper section, the lights on the bottom trailing edge partially disappeared as the upper ones appeared, but the top part blotted out the stars behind as though it had a very large and tall bulge on top, so I am assuming it had a far greater profile width wise than height (ratio wise) as it turned/leaned/sloped slightly in the movement . When it finally left it flew off very rapidly towards the northeast/north-north east, and appeared to drop down closer to the ground in a hurry. It made absolutely no sound at all at any time.

There were no clouds, the air was still and cold, town is 30-35 km away, down hill and more to the right of this thing so its not a reflection on warm/cold air as the angles are all wrong. And reflections don't blot out the stars behind, and then swivel to hide lights underneath and display others up top, while blotting out stars with body structure.

I have observed many 747's taking off/landing from Auckland airport , and coming in for landing over the suburbs when I go up there to see my sister, I have seen them by both day and night and this thing was definitely MUCH bigger than a 747.

When it left I got the heck out of there. On the way further down the road approx 4-5 minutes later an airplane ( turbo prop, passenger carrier, size approx 20-30, seater, all lights on and blinking away flew overhead, approx 2 km away and on my right hand side. Going in to land at Tauranga airport) The plane is tiny even as close as it is, compared to the thing I have just gotten home and think it is actually appropriate for me to now send this to you folk... normally I would never say anything about something like this as I am a complete skeptic, this thing has rattled me.

I will supply a contact through a third party that I know I can trust and whom through I can be reached but I wish to remain anonymous.

Can anyone tell me what is going on... these things are overwhelming. How can they do that. I mean this thing was colossal and it just sat there, then left like a fighter on tripple afterburners with absolutely no sound, or trail or smell or vibration or anything...