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Occurred : 5/7/2007 (Entered as : 5/7/07)
Reported: 5/7/2007 3:31:38 PM 15:31
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Chatham, MI
Shape: Diamond
Duration:1 hour
diamound shape ,strobe lights change colour no sound very fast-stood still over lake emitted white beam

My son and I were looking NW over lake Superior and seen this object moving in a verticle,and then horizontal path,then it stood still on and off for a few mis. at a time,then went back to vertical and horizontal paths,It had green,red and blue lights flashing in different order,the object would vanish point blank then return return to doing what it was doing ,then all of a sudden a beam of white light shot out from the bottom for a few minutes in a arc moving back and forth over the lake,it must of been a few miles away but we were loking at it with binoculars,heard no sound,this is the 3rd time ive seen this object over lake Superior.

I was a Navy ET for 17 yrs and a SEAL for 15 yrs.Iam a trained observer

((NUFORC Note: We do not know what the witness observed. However, given that Venus is quite prominent in the NW sky, at present, that is the first possibility we feel should be ruled out. Given the apparent credentials of the witness as a trained observer, and given that we don't know the time of the sighting, we cannot state definitively that the object observed was a celestial body. PD))