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Occurred : 5/8/2007 23:30 (Entered as : 05/08/2007 23:30)
Reported: 5/8/2007 12:32:30 AM 00:32
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Portland, OR
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 mins
Blue flash and hovering white sphere in Portland Oregon

When driving home from my girlfriends house from gresham to SW portland. Using 205 to 84 west. I was driving east to west. I saw two strange things happen. As I was driving on 205 i looked out my driver's window and saw a bright blue ball flash across the sky, like a shooting star. The stars in the sky were like grains of sand compared to this blue ball. The ball left a white light trail as it moved. I only saw it for a second, and it vanished. i know it wasn't a shooting star because i have seen many of those, in fact one of my friends thinks i'm good luck because i see them so often. Because I was so surprised at what i saw, i called my girlfriend to tell her. she didn't believe me. i looked towards pdx airport to see if i could have possibly mistaken a plane as the blue flash of light with a white light trail. I saw a plane landing and new that it couldn't have been a plane. the blue ball that flew across the sky was WAY to fast to be a plane that we know about and it was way to close and huge to be a shooting star. the second object was totally different from the first, it was a large white sphere. I saw it when I looked towards the airport. my first reaction was "okay now that's a plane," because the light was white, not blue. I looked over again and it was just hovering over near mt. tabor. I told my girlfriend on the phone about it, but she told me that i should ignore it and it isn't any of my business, which i actually thought was a weird thing for someone to say to me. i told her "it is my business, it's in my sky." as i continued to drive i kept my eye as much as i could on this white ball... it began moving as i connected to 84 west. the ball moved up, and started going the same direction i was going, it would raise then get lower, then it crossed over 84 to my left side. originally it was on my right. it then flew back to the right side of the freeway and lowered as if it were headed in the direction of grant highschool. I didn't see it for a about 15 more seconds. eventuall! y it ros e up again and flew at incredible speed towards NW portland, right near montgomerey park. by now my girlfriend was getting angry with me, and kept telling me that it wasn't my business. that's when i decided i needed to get off the phone with me. she hung up mad and angry, didn't say "i love you," which always means she's mad. i don't know what upset her though. well the sphere hovered over NW portland for a while and that was the last i saw of it. i had then driven out of sight of the area and the big white light. i don't what the heck went on tonight. i don't know for a fact that these were UFOs, but whatever i saw scared the crap out of me. i was sweating buckets, but my arms still had goosebumps. I am still shaken and honestly feel a little crazy. i know that this seems unbelievable, and it is. I can't even believe what i saw, but i KNOW what i saw. I was high, drunk or taking any medication. i am a college senior and to see something like this and know that if i tell anyone they will think i'm nuts, makes me feel crazy. i know it sounds crazy, but this really happened. i wish it hadn't because i can't understand it. i have no answers as to what i saw. all i know is what i saw. i am not making one part of this story up, i just wish someone else was in my car to see it. hopefully someone will report the same thing, and i won't feel so crazy. thank you for your time, and i don't know if this will help in anyway, but hopefully it does.