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Occurred : 6/1/1999 02:00 (Entered as : 1999 2:00)
Reported: 5/8/2007 8:06:20 PM 20:06
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Sydney (Australia),
Shape: Circle
Duration:1 minute
orb in back garden took off extended into a tail of light then vanished 500 Lights On Object0: Yes

I was awoken in the middle of the night and was urged to go outside and look up at the sky to the north. I saw a large stationary craft and in a moment or so smaller craft emerged single file almost, first to the west then from the opposite side of the craft to the east but this was going on simultaneously. About a dozen in each direction emerged, (without counting) I was then urged to look to my left and up to the tree under which I saw a ball of white light smaller, but not much, than a basketball.

It appeared to have an intelligent presence and was observing me from a distance of only about 15 feet.

Seconds later, as though driven away by my attitude it took off in a westerly direction climbing at an angle of about 60 degrees. As it did so it elongated into a tail of light then disappeared, not in the distance but simply a short distance away - it just vanished. Time travelling came to mind.

The weidest thing was that throughout as is often the case it appeared as a normal circumstance and nothing to worry about and this feeling lasted for three weeks after which time it literally wore off and I freeked out.

I also want to record several other sightings.

Several times around 2000 I witnessed the searchlight which seemed to go on forever but unlike some other sightings I believe I was given an explanation on one of these occasions and far more detailed and absolutely fascinating observations.

The searchlight emanated from a stationary craft, quite close, in the sky and went to and fro ad nauseum , not on the ground but on thin air! in the sky around an axis point roughly level with the originating craft on the horizontal plane, in an arc of around 130 to 150 degrees of a and fro, to and fro ad nauseum. the 'spotlight' a kind of end circle with the conical beam just like you see normally but only a short distance from the originating craft . Hard to tell air distances but around 100 feet at a guess. But on one occasion it got very interesting and I was told to watch this... a narrow beam of light shot out from the originating craft independent of the searchlight bisecting the searchlight arc and stopping at its extreme perimeter. this then disappeared and a blue rectangle of light appeared vertically over the area of the arc search in a flash and remained for a moment or two then that too disappeared. It seemed to my mind and I don't know how , except to say intuitively that the narrow beam was like a fishing line and that the rectangle of light was the hook which retreived the INFORMATION, the whole point of the exercise, that the searchlight had been gathering about the people below it asleep in their homes and or the physical environment and that when these two lights disappeared the information was retreived safely on board the space craft. I found the whole thing fascinating and still do. Now why did they want to show me these things unless they were friendly craft - right? If you appreciated hearing about this please let me know I may or may not be allowed to detail a myriad of other things including scoop marks missing time seeing my abductors, responding to implanted thoughts, always benign as if they were my own,a cigar shaped vehicle having trouble leaving this time dimension - I can prove this using Einsteins exact same descriptions for the same. My own time travel back to the building of the pyramids of giza,and information about it also corroborated by someone else, I don't know how he knew, and other fascinating things which would take lengthy pages to adequately detail but they point to meaning and communication, the missing ingredient in most reports.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))