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Occurred : 5/13/2007 21:40 (Entered as : 05/13/07 21:40)
Reported: 5/13/2007 11:39:14 PM 23:39
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Chennai (India),
Shape: Formation
Duration:betweet 5-10 minutes
A moving array of tiny lights past the sky centre line south to north, sighted four times with 2-3 minutes interval.

Event Description: During Casual gazing at the stars on 13th May 2007 night (Time around 9:40pm) (while lying on the flat terrace (third floor) and looking at the sky upwards), i suddenly noticed a set of faint light moving uniformly in one direction, from south direction to north direction. The view was pretty faint, and had i observed it alone, i would have definitely ignored it as my illusion. However, i immediately asked my wife to look at by pointing the direction, and she too spotted it. We both agreed it cannot be a illusion, but however slightly differed in its description: I felt it was two lights moving side-by-side in that direction and with the gaps between narrowing down while my wife's described it rather as an v-shaped line (of lights!). We were wondering about it for some time, and then ignored it and were talking on some other topic. After maybe 2-3 minutes, we once again noticed a similar movement of lights, in the same direction. This time, we noticed at the fag end of its transition across the sky, and atleast i could not remember clearly its features, felt it to be haphazard collection of moving lights. Again, we had a disagreement on its features: i noted it be a haphazard set of may be 10 white tiny lights (like a star constellation) while my wife once again described it as an V-line formation. Actually, its movement was steady, going straight from south direction passing very nearly to the sky centre line and towards north direction. The entire crossing, i guess would have happened in 3-4 seconds. The object, or the thing could be sighted only over the center portion of the sky, and seems to be fading in the background over the horizon, as the sky was brighter (probably due to city lights) at (about less than 30 degree) horizon compared to the centre. I was casually mentioning what we are seeing could be similar to the many mysterious UFO's reported but not proven kind of stuff discussed in the science/science fiction TV programmes and other media. Once again, we! spotted for third time after maybe about 2-3 minutes, a similar moving object (by now, it become befitting to be called an object!), again moving in the same direction and in a similar way. After the 3rd sighting, we become alert and probed for the sky for any more such sighting. i was wondering whether it is the same object passing through the sky again and again, or if these were separate objects travelling one after the other. i told myself that i would be alert enough to focus on the movement and get a good glimpse of its features, if i see it next time. And yes, we witnessed the flying object for the fourth time, again may be after 2-3 minutes, a similar moving set of steady lights. This time, i agreed with my wife on its features. It was a V-formation of lights. My rough estimate for the angle between lines of the V would be 140 degrees!. The V-pattern was moving with its centre pivot at the front and V arrow itself pointing towards the direction of its movement. The angular distance of the object, i would put it to be around 3 degrees. We were thrilled at these sightings and hoped would to see fee more. I stargazed for another 30 minutes before giving up and we left to go to sleep. I was conviced that it was indeed an unusual event and said to myself to mark this day as memorable day of my life, lest i ignore and forget it just like those fading movement of light objects. I decided to check websites on UFO's and report my sightings, for a general benefit. As a responsible person, i thought i should inform and record this event, so that if any/more persons sighted this like us, it would become befitting enough to do investigation and get some meaningful explanation. But, onething is for sure: If somebody else observed it and tells me what he/she saw, i would not have taken it seriously and most definitely ignored it, thinking that person has made somehow misjudged a simple plane as an UFO; And that people have enough personal problems to worry about, than these bizarre movements in the sky. That's why i d! id not w ant to make a big fuss about what i saw to all the people i meet, and getting branded as an paranoid/cracknut. Instead, i have just put down all my (sincere) observations on the event in this UFO observation site, due to my own curiosity to know what i saw, and probably aid the concerned person/investigator/other UFO viewers, to make sense of these UFO's. I sincerely hope that myself and my wife were not the only one who witnessed this, and somehow a good number of people have also watched this particular event, so that it is not discounted as an not-strong enough, isolated, ignorable event.

I am not a big advocator of UFO sightings or theories on it. I am not a person who collects information about UFO's reproted by people, but rather know it as only among one of the many interesting news/documentary reported in the TV channel like discovery. Infact, i never got curious enough to know about it by searching/browing the websites. I do not know if what i saw is qualified to be called as an UFO. But all the same, i am listing down, what is so unusual about what i saw that makes it un-ignorable (atleast to me) and curious: * The object could not be a Plane: I have never seen a plane to be shaped like array of lights lined a arrow shape. But, for my fourth sighting, i would not even consider as and line of lights, but rather a haphazard collection of of lights, in which case would definitely not fit as the lights from the some human-plane. There was no sound heard, but still flew past pretty swiftly. Thus, it could not be just an conventional plane travelling too on ground making it seem to be flying fast(as in which case some sound should have been definitely heard for such low heights). I believe that it could not be a high flying plane (whose sound could not be heard), as i intuitively feel the plane would have to travel at indeed a unbelievably high speed for it transcend the sky in 3-4 seconds.

* It could not be a meteorite: My first observation as two tiny lights moving together could have probably taken as just a meteorite or shooting stars. Okay, even my second view as a collection of lights like a star constellation, again could have discounted simply as travelling of multiple number of meteorite rocks. But, i cannot definitelty take my final sighting of an well arranged V-array of lights simply as falling meteorites. And also, will meteorites travel in such a periodic manner (every 2-3 minutes) and also in exactly same direction and followint the same path int he sky!!? And also, the lights were not accelerating, were tending to move straight with a steady speed, and no brightening or burning out kind of movement. And the lights were uniformly light (can it be parallel set of uniformlly lit shooting stars??, very unlikely.).

* Array Movement: Based on the pattern of lights alone, the closest thing that i can associate it is an beautiful V-shaped arrangement formed by a flock of migratory birds. But again, what is disturbing with this description is: The pattern was too geometrically spaced and uniformly moving for it be considered as an natural phenomena; and how come these birds are flying so fast, and why are they carrying tiny lights with them? My only logical deduction of what i observed based on my own personal experience (ignoring all about UFO reported by others), would be, that it is either a specially designed human made flying object, possibly a secretive (military or otherwise) vehicle, concealed from the purview of general public. Or, it is an mysterious flying object unproved and unknown to humans.

Or it could be just chance of a chance of a chance occurence of simultaneous hallucination of myself and my wife, and that too for concurrently 4 times, and sharing more or less the similar hallucination of moving lights in the same path!!! And now thinking about it, may be it possible to give a even simpler explanation. It is simply an low flying kids plane toy or similar such stuff, moving with no sound, with its faint tiny lights. Or, could it by flying light emitting insect, but then again flying so uniformly arranged, hmmmm hard to believe.

So, this is an sighting whose origin is not known to me now, and possibly i may never be able to know for sure.