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Occurred : 5/25/2007 21:00 (Entered as : 05/25/07 21:00)
Reported: 5/25/2007 8:35:03 PM 20:35
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Lakeville, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:1-4 seconds
Peculiar light streaks.

Tonight I was rinsing my mouth with water/salt for my mouth sores, and I looked out my kitchen window which was on top the sink I retrieved the water from. At first glance, I saw a blinking light in non-stop motion. I thought of it being a low-altitude plane, yet the light was too small (giving the appearance of a high-altitude one), plus at the given time, it was twilight, and I could not see the silhouette of the aircraft, which you would be able to normally. After witnessing the flash, I thought of the object being a meteorite. I looked back in curiosity, and I saw another quick streak of light shoot off in a different direction, near the point where the first light disappeared. I aroused suspicion, and watched the sky longer. The streak moved again, this time, heading westward, the opposite direction from which the first shot of light advanced. And about a second later, another flash ensued, going in the direction making a complete box if the light were to move continuously, without an intermission.

Possibilities I assumed to which the lights could be were: A helicopter Fireworks Or meteorites falling coincidentally to form four 90 degree angles.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this report, NUFORC.

If anyone else in the Dakota County area has witnessed this event, please post a report as well. I am curious.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))