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Occurred : 5/23/2007 23:45 (Entered as : 05/23/07 23:45)
Reported: 5/28/2007 6:38:03 PM 18:38
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Cottonwood, CA
Shape: Changing
not a sound was made from ship but it stoped over us and we could just about throw a rock at it !

it started out with one light in one spot not moving ,then it made a sudden movement left up then back to orignal spot . not a noise at all for being as close as a helicopter but no noise. then it started moving towards the house very slowly but coming and it was close enough or closer than any helicopter would ever get ,still no noise.then it stopped on a dime and didnt move for one minute , then it started west slowly as another figure started toward our house as it slowly came up on our house we stood waiting in aw, then it stopped right above our house for about 5 min as we seen the other still going west , then the one above our house slowly went towards the other one . from the time they were there till they left two jet like streams in the air . not one noise was made but they were close as a kite would be / never in our lives have we seen anything like it and probably never will again.