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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/2001 00:00 (Entered as : 07/??/01 0:00)
Reported: 6/22/2007 8:54:03 PM 20:54
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4 to 5 hours
The truth behind the Grays

This is a recounting of an abduction experience I've hade about 6 years ago. Nobody knows about it, or the other countless abductions I've had for as long back as I remember.

The first time I remember there being quiet bright lights in the sky above the back yard. I felt this strong urge to go outside and check it out. and when I did, they took me. And they've been taking me ever since. Sometimes they'd come for me, other times they called me and I would have no choice but to them. I did tell my parents about it once, as a little kid, around 6 years old, when the Greys left me in my living room insted of dropping me back in my bedroom. They blamed it on sci-fi movies and videogames and I got yelled at for making up stories. That was the only time I tried to tell anyone. When I moved from home into my appartment, I slept with a 9mm. under my pillow for months, but I was always paralised when they would come for me, so that idea was a bust. Setting up video cameras in my bedroom proved ineffective as well. In the morning, the tapes would be blank, like I never set them to record at all. And after a while, the fear dissapeared from the abductions and I started to accept that getting pulled out of my room on random nights was just something I'd have to deal with.

One night in July of 2001, I was abducted. It seemed business as usual. I was called to the room of my apartment and then the flash filled my eyes, and when it cleared, I was laying on the table again. The grays usually planted dozens of accupuncture type needles in my chest, stomach, neck. Rarely they would insert a tube into my ear or throat which was quite painful. This time was the tube in my throat. As the machine was being prepared, several of the grays seemed to rushin from another room. They spoke to the ones about to experiment on me, and they all ran from the room. I felt a rumble in the table I was laying on and heard a loud explosion, followed by what seemed to be weapons fire. Several minuets passed and then a tall, armored figure wearing a blank faced mask entered the room, carrying a type of weapon, resembeling an assault rifle. The figure removed the mask to reveal a very canine like face, with bright orange eyes, covered by short, blue fur. The usual abduction experience was frightening, but seeing this new creature made me feel like my heart would beat out of my chest. The being leaned over the instrument table the grays kept their tools on and began touching the objects there. Suddenly I could move again. The creature came over to me and gently helped me into a sitting position on the table. Then, in plane English, asked if I was alright. I told her(I say 'her' because the voice of the being sounded most definitely female to me) yes and asked what was happening. I rose from the table, and she led me from the exam room. Outside the room, in the large halls of the ship, there were dead bodies of grays around every corner. Creatures like her, and several other new strange creatures were at control panles and moving about the ship. The creature introduced herself at this point as Boudica(boo-dee-ca) and told me that this ship was going to be destroyed. I asked her why and what was going on. She then exlained to me something I never thought of in all the time I was being abducted: The grays, in reality were a cybernetic lifeform created by Boudica's race and more than 3 dozen other races in contact with each other on the other side of the Milky Way. Centuries ago, they formed a union with each other to establish trade, travel and the discovery of new lifeforms across the universe. However, space travle was a long, difficult affair. So these large, strong alien races created the small, weak looning grays as sort of advanced scouts, used to seek out, examine and greet new intelegent lifeforms as they found it. They gray body design was chosen because the alien union thought that body shape the least threatening. They in general being tall and muscular, they couldn't see the gray body type being a threat to anyone.

As I proceded through the ship, I noticed gray bodis being carried through the hall, some in peices. And sure enough, in the open wounds of the grays there were servos, wires and components I could not identify in my limited experience. Boudica took me to a room filled with several other large aliens. One alien, an 8 foot tall being who appeared to have a reptilian face with a feathery red crest around its head, asked how long they grays had been taking me. I told him(?) the last 15 years and he apoligised to me for all the pain and trouble I've been through. Then he promised me I'd never have to go through any of that again. Boudica told me I'd have to be put to sleep to be transported back to my appartment, because they didn't fully understand the methods the grays used to teleport people from place to place. She took a long rod like instrument from the control panle and waved it once in front of my face. That is the last I remembered from the gray ship.

It has been more than 6 years since I've been abducted. I've tried to make sense of the events on the gray's ship tha night. As far as I can figure, they grays were supposed to be a scouting party to survey newly discovered intelegent races in secret. For whatever reason, they failed their mission, and would not stop abducting people and experimenting on them. So, the ALien union who created them is now in the process of finding and destroying them. It is my beliefe that whe the Ailen union finally destroys the threat to Earth posed by the grays, then they might finally make their existence known to humanity and induct us into their collection of races across the universe.

((NUFORC Note: Report of abductions is unconfirmed. PD))