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Occurred : 6/23/2007 21:30 (Entered as : 06/23/07 21:30)
Reported: 6/23/2007 9:29:10 PM 21:29
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Saint Cloud, FL
Shape: Fireball
Duration:5-10 Mins
Red glowing light west of Kennedy Space Center

The night was cloudy as if it was getting ready to rain but with gaps that allowed the moon and stars to be seen. Facing the west of my house, my wife, kids and me were getting ready to go inside after expending some time at my mom's. Lately I've been interested in the UFO phenomena, so I pay attention to the sky more now than before.

I've spotted a glowing red light at about 45 degrees in front of my house, what looked like a plane flying in our direction but after a closer observation realized it was just one light and not two, or any blinking light at all, like planes normally have. I told my oldest son it was a helicopter but the light never changes size and now it looked like it was going up and not towards us. My son suggested a rocket but we normally see the shuttle take off from our back yard facing the Kennedy Space Center east of Saint Cloud, FL. Everyone went inside and I stayed to watch what was up with this light. The glowing light was like the tail of a rocket but without the smoky trail. I thought, I also saw a blinking white like near the object twice. It was obvious it was neither an airplane nor helicopter. It was going straight up and then it was turning right, but not in a wide turn. It was turning right sharply but slow and it went thru a cloud making it glow as it passed thru. Once behind the clouds I couldn't see it anymore so I went inside.