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Occurred : 6/23/2007 14:20 (Entered as : 06/23/07 14:20)
Reported: 6/24/2007 9:06:01 AM 09:06
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: McVeytown, PA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:45 seconds
Large, unmarked, white cigar-shaped UFO seen by daughter in clear blue afternoon sky.

My 11-year-old daughter was drawing at her desk yesterday afternoon, 12/23/07, when she looked out her window. Above the trees, in a clear blue sky, she saw a large, white, cigar-shaped object that was just above the tree-line. She said it did not resemble the body of an airplane. After sitting motionless for a second, it moved off to the east. She hurried downstairs to look outside, but it was gone. She estimates it was no farther away than a mile and was perhaps 50-100 feet long. This is not her first UFO sighting; we posted her first sighing on 2/13/03. Also, all of our pet animals are acting queerly today. Our placid zebra finches have been SCREAMING, a sound I have never heard from them before, my daughter's rabbit scratched and bit her (never has before), and, most strangely of all, our sweet yellow lab growled and bit her when she went to pet her head. The dog was not eating at the time, just lying there.