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Occurred : 12/31/1986 19:00 (Entered as : 12/31/86 19:00)
Reported: 7/9/2007 1:49:05 AM 01:49
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Mt. Airy, NC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30-60 seconds
Roadside triangular UFO sighting resulting in missing time.

(This is a follow-up to a report I had submitted previously) A friend and I observed what appeared to be a triangular shaped craft as we traveled south on Highway 52 near Mt. Airy, NC. At first, I thought that we were approaching some kind of lit up construction site near the treeline on the opposite side of the highway. I was reaching across from the passenger seat adjusting the radio when I noticed this anomaly. The lights looked three dimensional, for lack of a better description. When I realized that the lights were attached to an object and actually gaining altitude, I directed my friend's (the driver) attention to that direction. We both kept asking each other what this thing was that we were watching. The underside of the object had a white light on each corner and a bigger, very bright light in the center shining on the ground below. As the object slowly and deliberately rose above the treeline, the light in the center went out. The remaining three lights, which had been rotating clockwise while the object ascended, came to a stop. Then the lights slowly rotated about a half of a revolution counter-clockwise and cocked up at an angle simultaneously, which put the lights facing almost directly at our passing car. After a brief pause, the object silently 'blinked' out of the atmosphere in a split second, zig-zagging in what seemed like thousands of small straight lines.

We soon noticed that no traffic was visible in either direction during/after the sighting, which was eerily improbable on this busy four lane highway at that time. The FM radio, which had suddenly failed just prior to the sighting, then started working again (this gave us a scare because I had inadvertantly turned the volume all the way up in my troubleshooting effort). Much to our relief, the normal amount of oncoming traffic soon resumed in the northbound lanes, although we did not see any headlights behind us in the southbound lanes the rest of the 20+ miles to our exit - we also looked northward from the bridge while crossing back over the highway after exiting and could not see any headlights approaching.

We were very intrigued by what we had experienced as one might expect. Upon reaching our destination, we came to a very disturbing realization, however. The thirty minute trip, which we had made many times before, had taken us almost FOUR HOURS. There was absolutely no explanation for the missing time and we were totally dumbfounded. The only thing that we could figure was that since we were almost directly under the UFO, we must have been affected by its energy field. That would also explain the lack of continuity in the flow of traffic, we surmised.