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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/29/1978 03:00 (Entered as : 11/29/78 3:00)
Reported: 7/18/2007 1:31:33 PM 13:31
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Mt. Rainier National Park, WA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:6 Hours
FIRST TIME REPORTED Late November, 1978 Mt Rainier National Park & Ashford.
Double Sighting, 6 Hours

Over the last three decades, I have debated within myself, as to whether or not I should report the following incident: I experienced the following beginning late November 1978, Mt. Rainier National Park, Longmire Wilderness Center, Snow Camping with two other individuals.

We arrived at Longmire within Mt. Rainier National Park, in the late afternoon. Their was substantial snow fall which blocked our access to continueing up the Mountain via Hwy 706.. We set up our tent rather quickly due to the snow becoming a snow and rain mix. We decided that due to the change in weather we would hit the hay early. Approximately at 2:00 am I awoke with a Migraine which was unbearable. I awoke the two other individuals and we decided that we would head back home. Upon packing our backpacks and gear we saw a extremely bright object which we perceived to be a falling star or maybe a meteorite entering the atmosphere and speeding across the horizon. The object dissappeared and we all thought how lucky we were to see such a lovely event, not realizing what was to come.

We proceeded out of the park via Hwy 706, it was raining lightly and their was snow and ice on the roadway which subsided upon reaching the Nisqually Entrance. We proceeded at moderate speed toward Ashford, Washington. As we arrived within the small town we immediately saw a bluish white light of great brilliance directly above a telephone pole which lite up the entire roadway. I yelled at the driver to stop which we did immediately.

The light was in the shape of two diamonds stuck together at one point about the size of a two seater sports car. Within the vehicle we all were talking fast and loudly, what is it, what should we do, where is the camera, why should we take a picture, UFO pictures are never good enough to confirm an actual sighting, should we get out of the car etc. We were nervous to the point of laughing and screaming. I remember getting the old fashion, immediately developing camera out of the glove compartment and then turning to the driver and saying I am getting out of the car.

Upon exiting the vehicle I was transfixed on the objects brilliant blue light and the noticable lack of sound and or wind which I was expecting. My last memory was hearing the other two individuals yell and scream for me to come back as I walked toward the brilliant object above the telephone pole..I also remember another vehicle, a station wagon coming from behind the telephone pole on what I think was a side road and stopping also. The next thing I remember is being back in the car with the two other individuals screaming drive, drive and being extremely frightened and visably shaking. The station wagon I remember seeing was no long there, and the driver proceeded to drive as fast as the roads would allow, with our top speed being over 80 MPH, the object was directly overhead being brilliantly illuminated. It never waivered from keeping up with our vehicle, turn for turn, stop for stop. Upon reaching the Eatonville Valley the sky became huge and open, we continued down into the valley and watched the object fly directly out into the middle of the sky, stop and then proceed directly upward at a high velocity and dissappear.

Myself and the other two individuals proceeded home to Tacoma, Washington and spent the next decade argueing about the amount of time that went by versus what it normally takes to reach Tacoma. To make a long story short there were three hours not accounted for and a picture in the glove compartment not of the mysterious object but of our vehicle empty with all the doors, hood and rear opened, with our gear stacked around the vehicle. None of us took the picture. The irony, it was me who said why take a picture of a UFO they never come out to prove an actual sighting let alone an actual meeting. The other two individuals involved always agree that something happened but currently one refuses to discuss it and the other prefers not to discuss it. They both become nervous and upset whenever I bring it up. Myself, I want to dicuss it, The reason, because of what has happened since the incident.