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Occurred : 4/16/2007 21:30 (Entered as : 04/16/2007 21:30)
Reported: 7/19/2007 11:14:21 AM 11:14
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Anacortes, WA
Duration:Few minutes
Very bright, stationary, red light, which pulsed on and off slowly.

WITNESS: Commercial pilot for over 30 years. After repeated communications I deem this witness highly credible. The description of the event and the responses to follow-up questions were consistent and articulate. The witness is cautious in drawing conclusions. The witness also has been employed in the past by agencies where expertise and integrity would be required. The witness expressed reasonable concern about reporting this event due to professional standing, but believed what was observed was so far out of the ordinary it needed to be compared to other reports.

TIME/DATE: April 16, 2007 at 2130 hours (Pacific Daylight Saving Time). (Sunset occurred at 1903 hours according to the Naval Observatory Table.)

LOCATION: My house is about 70 ft above sea level and I overlook the Fidalgo Bay Marina. I live in Anacortes, Washington and my house is on top of a hill looking south towards Whidbey NAS. Whidbey NAS is approximately 6 miles straight line from my house and is SSE. My view towards the south is mostly unobstructed but there area few trees that block 20% of the view.

METHOD OF OBSERVATION: Miyauchi 77x30 astronomical binoculars. The optics have excellent color correction and are high quality. They were mounted on a tripod during this event.

DIRECTION OF OBSERVATION: I saw some aircraft lights departing the Whidbey NAS so I pointed my binoculars south to watch the aircraft. The NAS is approximately 6 miles from my house and is SSE from my point of observation.

OBJECT: It had a very large and very bright red light that pulsated on and off slowly which is very different from an aircraft red rotating beacon or red strobe anti-collision light. The red light was on top of a dimmer but large white light that was separated by some structure. The object was stationary and hovering and was absolutely still. I thought it might be a military helicopter but there where no red or green navigation lights.

SIZE / DISTANCE: Witness could not estimate distance as I don't know the size of the object. (Rationale: Exact shape could not be discerned and thus, could not be estimated in comparison to known aircraft.) This also relates to one of my follow-up questions about whether or not the object was in restricted air space. The witness reports, "I am not sure if the object was in fact in restricted airspace as I am was not able to determine the distance of the object.”"

DURATION: Witness observed the object for a few minutes.

OBJECT FLIGHT MANEUEVERS: "When I first spotted the object it appeared to be south and west from the NAS but. It slowly started moving in an east direction towards the NAS. But it was moving in a weird wave oscillation motion. It moved a few degrees to the left or east and then stopped. Then it sat motionless for maybe 30 seconds and then shot straight up. I can only guess that the altitude was very low when I first spotted it and was below 1000 feet. When it shot up it moved extremely fast and stopped. It could have covered a thousand feet in a second. But then it accelerated at an unbelievable rate to the east and covered several miles in 2 or 3 seconds and then stopped dead. It sat motionless again for a few seconds and then slowly moved off to the east and disappeared from sight."

POSSIBLY RELATED RESPONSE: As the object slowly moved off, a fast moving aircraft depart the NAS moving west and then turned sharply left to the south, climbed to 1500 to 2000 feet and appeared to accelerate to the south towards where the object had disappeared from my view. I lost sight of that aircraft as well. The aircraft may not have had anything to do with the object but thought it was strange.

Submitted by: James E Clarkson State Section Director Mutual UFO Network Olympia, WA

((NUFORC Note: We share our sincere gratitude to James E. Clarkson, MUFON SSD, Olympia, WA, for sharing this report with NUFORC. PD))