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Occurred : 7/21/2007 12:30 (Entered as : 07/21/07 12:30 am)
Reported: 7/20/2007 11:51:12 PM 23:51
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Cedar Falls, IA
Shape: Light
Duration:1.5 hours
Four crafts, flashing red, green and brilliant white lights, hovering overhead, one making zigzag movements.

12:30 a.m.

Brilliant white lit hovering craft in the south sky, with alternating green/blue (atop white light) and (under white light) red. Craft does sudden zigzag, stops, and hovers. At a distance from the white, green and red lit craft, “something” smaller with only flashing red lights, hovers beneath and the the side of it.

I’ve noticed this for 1 -2 weeks at approximately the same time of night. Tonight, and in addition, there were two smaller crafts with less brilliant lights. One, straight west, and one above my head where I was standing, to the north. Both hovered. One of these had been to the east before it suddenly made a fast move closer in my direction to the north.

12:52 a.m.

Crafts to the west and north have disappeared. They were not planes! The larger white, green and red lit craft has moved to the west, southwest. It hovers. The smaller red lit craft has moved with it, maintaining the same distance from the larger craft as it had when they were in the south sky.

1:05 a.m.

I returned to look at the crafts. They continue to hover, The smaller craft continues to flash red lights.

1:40 a.m Red flashing light craft has disappeared. Solid hover bright white lit craft remains minus the green and red lights.