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Occurred : 8/4/2007 00:30 (Entered as : 08/04/07 00:30)
Reported: 8/4/2007 9:22:40 AM 09:22
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Houston, TX
Shape: Unknown
Duration:30 minutes
"shooting star" like, red white strobe lights, hovers..APPEARS to be in higher atmosphere.(or space) 60-80,000 FT , or more

i was outside with my wife just going over the next few days before they induce labor on her. i saw a "typical" looking falling star out of the corner of my eye I immediately turned my head to watch it go to the other horizon, but rather than a normal razor thin streak that embers off..this one just STOPPED, and the tail faded into its stopping point. at that stopping point there was a red/white light going on and off.

i wasn't sure if i was seeing things, or if this was a star in approximation to the falling star. so i watched it, and the other stars in the sky. stars at night give off that twinkle, or shimmer...but not like this one did. EVERY star in the sky was white, white maybe a bluish twinkle to it. this was just red blinking light. but it was so tiny to see, i was thinking maybe it was mars, i know thats red, and maybe the atmosphere made the "blinking" just much more apparent. after 10 minutes of wondering what it was, i remembered my video camera.

i am an aviation minded person, and i live near BUSH (hobby) airport. i know what an airliner looks like at 40 k, at night....this was MUCH higher. what i did notice about what i saw, was how it moved...but so slow, that i couldn't recognize it at first. the only way was to use reference points on the horizon (my house) over time. when i noticed it didn't follow the same path as the rest of the stars, i started to doubt myself. at first it was moving towards a solo star in the southwestern side of the sky. minutes later, checking my same reference points. it had moved away considerably from the solo star. it also had two smaller items that were emitted. they were bright white, floated around the "red blinker", back and forth a few times, then rejoined. this happened twice. (but not caught on film.) with the camera, i could then tell it was TWO rapid strobes next to each other going off. but, it also emitted green color as well. it was a third color, but not a third "bulb" so both lights went from red to white, and sometimes green. but it was FAST!! like hyper speed Morse code...

the thing disappeared to my naked eye, but i could still hold it on the camcorder. but it was fading. it didn't "go below the horizon" it didn't "take off like a rocket, in some just FADED...not like an aircraft going over a large distance.i searched for another ten minutes. couldn't find it again.

have 30 minutes of footage (roughly 10 minutes actual, on and off). have no idea what it is.

here is a quick video that i did for an onlinde aviation forum . this is heavily cut just for "quick and dirty purpsoses" to see if they have any idea. i have no clue what it is, the way things are these days, its hard to tell, so i try not to is what it is.