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Occurred : 8/14/2007 01:00 (Entered as : 08/14/07 1:00)
Reported: 8/13/2007 11:34:36 PM 23:34
Posted: 8/14/2007
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 Seconds
Orange "V" shaped lights fly overhead without making a sound.

On August 14, 2007, my son and I went outside to watch the meteor shower. We live in an apartment complex, and the surrounding lights in the complex were too overbearing to view the meteor shower. We then walked to the street where there is no ambient light. I was looking North-East in the direction that the meteor shower was supposed to appear. Suddenly I saw a meteor. My son did not see the meteor. I directed my son in the direction that the meteor was in. Almost immediately, we both saw this set of orange lights fly over head from North-East to South-West. It sort of resembled 7 orange birds flying in a “V” formation. The object made absolutely no sound! We didn’t see it coming over the horizon, it just appeared. Almost like the lights just came on. We tried to follow it, but it disappeared over the South-West horizon. But it was again almost like the lights just turned off. Maybe you have to be directly under the object to see the lights. I’ve seen many pictures of this type of craft before, but never in my life did I think I would actually see it myself. It scared my son pretty bad, so we went inside and did not watch any more of the meteor shower. I'm sure that if someone else was watching the shower that they too would have seen this craft. Having my son with me confirmed that I was not out of my mind.