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Occurred : 7/27/2007 21:00 (Entered as : 7/27/07 21:00)
Reported: 8/14/2007 12:05:02 PM 12:05
Posted: 8/14/2007
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Shape: Oval
Duration:2-3 sec
Bright light with bright blue tail

My brother and I were sitting on a small deck at a condo complex at the beach. The beach was to our left approximately 100 - 200 yards away. With the ocean to our left. The view directly in front of us was a parking lot, approx. 50 yards across, and another building of the condo complex. As my brother and I sat there talking I was kind of just gazing at the sky. It was a pretty hot somewhat humid night. Out of nowhere above the building facing us, a very bright white oval shape with a very bright kind of halogen blue tail flew about half way across the building east to west at a slight down hill angle. I was already looking at the sky so I saw it just appear and immediately said to my brother something like "look at that shit" and he looked up and saw it fly across the building. It flew across with no sound for approximately 2 seconds then just disappeared. It appeared very close. Very vivid color, very bright. The path of travel was east to west, appearing to me approximately 100 yards from the beach and flying about 2 seconds I would say about 50 yards. It seemed to be right over top of the building which was about 50 yards away and maybe 40-60 feet above the building. Very close. There was no arch to its path it was almost horizontal. Just at a slight downward path. I don’t know what I saw but I cannot imagine what it could have been. Fireworks were being let off on the beach but this was silent, had no smoke or trail left behind of smoke or ash of any sort and flew with no arch. I rule firework our pretty easily. It appeared to be way to close to be a meteor.