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Occurred : 8/14/2007 10:10 (Entered as : 08/14/07 10:10)
Reported: 8/14/2007 7:36:26 PM 19:36
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Shape: Light
Duration:2 min
Three strange lights moving irregularly close together and at high speed.

Facing west, we noticed three dots of light traveling in a triangular formation at very high speed and very close together. I compared their speed to obvious planes moving in other areas of the sky. They were not flashing, but rather constant. All three lights were traveling from north to south about four feet off the horizon moving into the horizon more than across it. The peculiar thing is that the lights seemed to be kind of weaving instead of moving in a straight line-very odd movement. I have never seen anything like it. After about 30 seconds and grabbing my brother from inside to take a look, they disappeared. My guess was that they were too high and as they got closer to the horizon we lost them in the light, but it seemed really abrupt. As we stood there dumbfounded, there appeared another light with a smaller, fainter red light traveling right next to it. These two traveled along the same line as the first three and at the same speed. They also moved in the same strange way-not in a straight line, but more like in a wave. I have to say that it gave me chills!