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Occurred : 8/13/2007 00:25 (Entered as : 8/13/07 0:25)
Reported: 8/15/2007 10:54:22 AM 10:54
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Dallas, TX
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10-15 seconds
Its bottom appeared as three dimly illuminated elongated octagons, one in front of two in tandem.

8/13/07 UFO Sighting, Dallas, Texas On Monday morning, August thirteenth of 2007, I was lying on my back on a lawn lounger cushion up on top of my carport about midnight, prepared to spend the next five hours watching the second night of the meteorite shower. I had a cut-out cardboard box around my head to block out the street & residential security lights in the neighborhood, making my view of the clear but hazey sky quite clear.

I had laid there admiring shooting stars when at about 12:25 AM a small airplane flew North over me in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Its North-South trajectory was about a few blocks to the West of my position. I imagine it to have been following the path of Westmoreland Boulevard. Before I could see it, I remembered the noisey little airplane by its distinctive sound, since it flies North and/or South over our house frequently at night, always disturbing my sleep. It triggered the usual question: why aren't such airplanes required to muffle their noise, especially at night? As it passed over my line of sight, I noticed something following it. I first thought the plane was towing something behind it, because the object behind the airplane was traveling the same speed and at approximately the same altitude. It was so dimly illuminated it was hard to see. It's image area was about six to eight times larger than the small airplane's image area. All I could see of it was three elongated octagons (rectangles with the corners cut off). Their lengths ran the direction the craft traveled. The octagons were in a common plane, two in the back and one in center front, evenly spaced apart in a triangular formation. It was about one to two hundred yards behind the small airplane and slightly to the West of the airplane's trajectory. It flew in a straight, level line without deviations.

Either the small airplane was making so much noise that I couldn't discerne the object's sound. Or, the object was making no noise at all. The object's three elongated octagonal panels were either very dimly: but evenly illuminated, or they were finished with a non-reflective or ultra-flat coating that evenly diffused their reflection of the city's ground lights over their surfaces. No sharp ground lights were reflected off of them as it passed over. And, I don't know if it was a single craft or three individual aircrafts flying in continuous and perfect formation.

I stood and turned around to continue watching it and the airplane as they flew away from me, to the North toward Love Field. As they dissappeared in the misty distance I couldn't descerne anything about the object's shape. As the three panels became flat in the distance, the whole thing seemed to dissappear. But, I could still see the airplane's blinking lights and barely still hear the airplane's noisey exhaust.

I immediately went downstairs to write down and sketch what I'd seen. Just after one o'clock I called Love Field Tower. A recording gave me a night phone number. I called that number at 1:10 AM. Someone named Gary answered the phone. I briefly described what I'd seen. He said he was on the field and to call him back in twenty minutes when he'd be back in his office. I called him again at 1:30 AM and again told him what I'd seen.

He said he'd talked to the tower and they'd heard nothing from anyone else about it. I reminded him that the tower's nightn phone number isn't even listed, so the public couldn't have called the tower unless it was a relative or other airport official who already knew the tower's night number, deducing that HE would be the only one to have recieved any calls about it. He completely ignored that.

It seemed as though he was partonizing or attempting to placate me. He didn't seem genuinely interested, failing to ask for my name, phone number or any information about the sighting that I hadn't volunteered. I asked him if there is an official phone number where such sightings are supposed to be reported. He said, "No," that I'd "called the right number." So, I appologized for bothering him with such ridiculous nonsense and hung up. I was left feeling disgruntled, unsatisfied and embarrassed.

Now, that I know the National UFO Reporting Center is listed in the FAA Manual as the correct place to report unusual sky sightings, I'll call ole "doubting Gary" back tonight to provide him with the NUFOREC's phone number, remind him to read his manual and give him a free piece of my mind.

I saw a similarly unusual flying object many years ago (I'm bad with past chronology) several miles East of Tyler, Texas. It was deep in the dark piney East Texas forrest. The night was clear and the stars were amazingly bright. The thing appeared to be a sharp triangle, only distinguished by it's blocking out the star's light behind it as it passed over me heading East. It was moving too slowly, in my opinion, to be an airplane. It didn't exhibit the three elongated octagonal shapes on the bottom. If it was the same type craft, I suppose this was because there was no ground light to illuminate them. It was exactly the same color and intensity of the background night sky. It, too, made absolutely no sound. And, I was alone then, too. I seriously doubt these craft were man-made. And, I no longer have any doubts that we are NOT alone on our God-forsaken, bloodthursty, demockery-cursed, predatory little planet. So, perhaps there is hope for Us good Earthlings, afterall!