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Occurred : 8/23/2007 00:30 (Entered as : 08/23/07 00:30)
Reported: 8/23/2007 9:01:39 PM 21:01
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: San Ysidro, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:2 minutes
Four white lights horizontal with ground and moving higher into sky, pivot into vertical position, begin twisting and then vanish

Today, Thursday August 23rd 2007 my coworker told me that last night (early in the morning of the 23rd) he had a UFO sighting while out on a joy ride with his cousins. There were four individuals in the car at the time of the sighting and I interviewed each of them separately.

They went on a late night drive to Border Field State Park (this park is located in the extreme SW corner of the continental United States, on the border with Mexico). After a run-in with a Border Patrol officer they drove east on Monument Road, which turns into Dairy Mart Rd as the road turns to the north. It was along that road that they noticed a building with a sign that read “Area 50” and another with a sign that read “Area 51”. Some references to the real Area 51 were made as they continued north.

When they reached Camino de la Plaza road they turned right, and began to head slightly southeast. It was my coworker (a passenger in the car) who noticed lights to the northeast. Later holding his hand out at arms length, he guessed that it would’ve taken four fingers to block out the lights. He thought that there were five yellowish white lights, but all the other eyewitnesses believed there to be only four white lights. My coworker at first jokingly shouted to the others that there were the aliens. The lights were positioned in the sky horizontally and parallel to the ground. They were equidistance from one another. The lights then moved in unison higher into the sky, keeping parallel with the ground.

It was what the lights did next that surprised everyone and made them take what they were viewing more serious. From one end of this chain of lights, they pivoted like the hand of a clock and moved into a vertical position, now perpendicular to the ground. The lights continued to go straight up. They all got the impression that the lights began to twist once in this vertical position. As it began to twist, the lights completely vanished. My coworker was so amazed by this display that he called his aunt at 12:30 in the middle of the night to tell her what they just saw. One eyewitness believes he could see the outline of a craft behind the lights.

They also told me that the area near the border is a no fly zone, so this was indeed strange to see something like this. My coworker said the lights were over a residential area and from looking at a map, he believes it was north of Route 5. It was this vertical trajectory that defied any logical explanation for the eyewitnesses. They are completely baffled by what they saw and plan to go back and see if they are able to see it again. They did drive down Camino de la Plaza road to see if they could see it again, but they had no further sightings.