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Occurred : 8/27/2007 04:34 (Entered as : 08-27-07 04:34)
Reported: 8/29/2007 2:57:00 PM 14:57
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:4-5 seconds
Round, white, slow moving object seen in San Luis Obispo California

The sighting happened during the recent eclipse of the moon. I was watching the red moon, and at 4:34am I saw an object moving from the north-west toward the east. It traveled in an arcing motion across the sky. The object had no lights, and from the bottom it reflected light from the city. It was a light grey or white in color. It looked to be round in shape, though hard to tell from the distance and limited light. The object created no sound what so ever, and it was very quite at this time of the morning. The sighting only lasted for about 4 to 5 seconds, until it traveled out of view. In my best estimation, the craft was 2000-5000 feet above, and was traveling, i would say approximatly 200-300mph. I dont know how large it was but i estimated it would be larger than the largest aircraft made. Did anyone else see this object?