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Occurred : 11/1/2002 21:00 (Entered as : 11/01/2002 21:00)
Reported: 9/2/2007 9:45:48 PM 21:45
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 minute
Triangle shaped structure with lining the perimeter.

In 2002, I had taken my dog outside for a walk. I was standing on our lawn in the front of our house. My body was facing East towards another row of townhomes in my development (the different rows of townhomes form a square.) I had my head down because I was watching my dog but something caught my attention. I glanced up and I noticed lights directly above three of the townhomes in front of me (the homes are approximately 50 ft. away.) I noticed there was a structure or formation to the lights. The formation looked like the right wing of an airplane except the "wing" was very large. I initially decided it was just a low flying airplane and I convinced myself that I couldn't see the rest of the plane because it was being obscured by trees. The lights appeared to be along the perimeter of the triangle or the "wing". From what I remember all of the lights were white. I can't remember if any of them were flashing. As I watched this structure I realized there was no sound associated with it and that it was just hovering. At some point it just seemed to disappear and I couldn't figure out where it went. I didn't know if the trees had just obscured my view and it was just a plane that had flown away or if the "plane" had really just disappeared. I remember being perplexed and a little excited/weirded out. My gut told me I had just seen a UFO. I ran inside and told my husband about what I had seen (my husband was not impressed.) I also drew a picture of the "plane" in case I had seen a UFO. I then called the police (at the risk of sounding crazy) and asked them if there had been any reports of unusual aircraft sightings or UFO's in the area and I was told "no." I felt like an idiot after calling the police and decided I had probably just seen a plane. However, after reading accounts from others on this site, I am now doubting whether or not this really was just a "plane". I really feel that what I saw was a UFO. Am I going crazy? The best way to contact me is via e-mail. Thank you!

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that date of the event is approximate. PD))