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Occurred : 9/1/2007 23:30 (Entered as : 09/01/07 23:30)
Reported: 9/3/2007 9:10:32 AM 09:10
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Centreville (Bib Gish Lake), MI
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 minutes
The red sphere, which did not blink, about four times the size of the brighest star or planet in the sky, rose over the southern side of Big Fish Lake and made an arc over the lake at what appeared to be an elevation of about 2-3,000 feet. Before it completed an arc, just before the horizon to the north, it appeared to straighen it's course and move in a northwest direction, thus moving out of it's arc movement.

The lake is approximatly one quarter mile wide from north to south so this object was moving quite slow, slower than planes we have observed and there was no sound. Five adults witnessed this and it also appeard to have a orange glow around the red sphere.

The writer of this, first spotted it and observed a similar light on the same lake about in 1965.