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Occurred : 9/12/2007 05:45 (Entered as : 09/12/07 5:45)
Reported: 9/12/2007 8:39:55 AM 08:39
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Orlando, FL
Shape: Oval
Duration:5 minutes
Oval "star", glowing very white and slightly pulsing, stayed stationary, then moved southeast in very unorthodox manner

I was walking my beagle in the early is still quite dark when we go out...watching the sky and stars as I always do.

We walked to the corner of our street, and stopped so she could do some snootin' and investigatin', while I continued to scan my skies.

There are two stars in the east-southeast sky, at about 45 degrees above the horizon, that I find myself always looking at, and happened to be checking them out, when I noticed a third "star" next to them, on the south side.

Looking more closely, I saw that it wasn't round, but oval in shape...more like a longer oval, but not cigar-shaped. And the quality of the light from it was different, being more of a glow as opposed to reflected light or "light bulb" type light.

It was very white, with a blue tinge. It also slightly pulsed.

And that "star" just stayed there, not moving...and NOT like the way the headlights of a plane can seem to not move when coming directly towards simply DID NOT move.

After a couple of minutes, it began to move very slowly towards the southeast, in what appeared to be a straight path. Suddenly, as I watched it, it went from being at a 45 degree angle in the sky, to about a 55-60 degree angle...and when it did this, the position of the craft did not pointing upward or was just suddenly "up".

From that angle, it continued southeast for a minute or so, then, as suddenly as it was "up", it was back down at the 45 degree level, moving at the same steady rate of speed.

I watched it until it was out of sight.

During its movement, the pulsing and color tone never changed, nor did the flight angle of the craft. Its size was approximately that of a BB pellet held at arm's length, slightly larger than the two stars I regularly see at that point in the sky.

I will send you a sketch of this event later today.

Please feel free to contact me.