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Occurred : 9/16/2007 04:00 (Entered as : 09/16/07 04:00)
Reported: 9/19/2007 9:42:32 PM 21:42
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Bayfield Inlet (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration:3 minutes
fast eratic light in sky slowly descends to within 30 feet of campsite when flashlight is pointed at the light

I looked out across the lake from my campsite and noticed a light moving in the sky just above the forest. After about five seconds it started to move across the sky in an erratic zig zag motion. After viewing this for about two seconds I told the other person camping with me to come look at the light. He walked over with the flashlight hanging off the zipper of his shirt still on illuminating his front as well as the ground in front of him. This flashlight is made by mountain equipment co-op and is intended for use on pedal bikes. Note: it is a very small light powered by two watch batteries, yet a very small amount of light coming directly from the bulb would have been visible from the UFO’s position at that time. We saw the UFO’s light move up and down and diagonally up and across as well as down and across, sometimes pausing briefly before moving again.

After watching this for about one minute I shined a rather small flashlight directly at the UFO. The flashlight has the name Reactor on it, one L.E.D. Bulb, is powered by four double" A" batteries and a reflective surface measuring one and three quarter inches across. As soon as I shone the light at the UFO it continued zig zaging to the edge of the forest across the bay approximately one hundred fifty feet away from us. At this point it paused and it appeared to me that the UFO’s light became brighter and somewhat larger.The UFO light was about 1' across. It then started to descend at a forty five degree angle across to the edge of the bay about forty feet in front of our campsite.As This descent took about ten seconds.At a distance of about one hundred feet I could distinguish what appeared to be an aura around two objects at the top of the UFO light. The bottom of the light was round and solid light.The UFO had a slightly oval shape. When the UFO was about fifty feet from us I said “I think we better turn the lights off. I turned my light off at this point and my friend turned the light in his hand off a second later. I started to turn my attention back toward the UFO again but decided to double check that all the lights were off. At this point the UFO was aware of the light near my friend’s neck. He was not very familiar with the on/off switch and it was a tense moment. But one of us finally turned it off. My friend saw UFO come to the same altitude as us and proceeded to move directly toward us. As soon as the last light was turned off it went back to its previous agenda of flying erratically above the forest. It reached a distance of about five to seven kilometres away and after about one minute.

Not wanting to lose sight of it I picked up a large “million candle watt” flashlight and shone it at the UFO. Not the smartest move, but I felt relatively safe since it had approached so slowly the first time. This time it made about three zig zags to the same spot at the far edge of the bay in approximately two seconds. At this point it slowed briefly. I turned the light off, and turned to run as soon as I saw the UFO go in front of the tree line. However my friend grabbed me as he didn’t want me to be injured running through the woods. I soon turned around and never saw the UFO again. Although I did try to get it to come back after a couple minutes.