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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/20/2007 21:30 (Entered as : Continuing)
Reported: 9/20/2007 7:53:35 PM 19:53
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Northern Cambria/Hastings, PA
Shape: Light
Duration:3 differnt nights
Strange light in Northern Cambria Pennsylvania, United States

Some people in the area have been seeing a strange light in the sky around 2 - 3 in the morning. Neighbors told me they were just talking and looked up to see a bright big round light in the sky light up for about 6 seconds and disappear. I was talking to them when the both looked up but my back was turned from the direction they looked at at the same time. I missed whatever they saw. since then one person reported to one of the women saying they saw the same light in the sky a few miles from here (Northern Cambria, PA) droving at night and swore as they drove it looked as if the light was going closer to the ground. Another said they saw the same light but swore there was another object flying near it. The first time which I was present but did not see happened at 9:30 in the evening the rest have all been reported to have happened between 2 and 3 in the early morning.

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that date of the event is approximate. PD))