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Occurred : 10/15/1974 02:30 (Entered as : 10/15/74 02:30)
Reported: 9/16/2007 8:26:31 PM 20:26
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Oak Creek, CO
Shape: Cigar
follow-up information concerning flying pencil shaped object; original posting date 02/02/04

"we saw a glowing green pencil shaped object going from south to north. it moved out from behind one hill only to disappear behind another. the "pencil" was long side oriented to the earth (not pointed up and down). The date is a rough guess. Maybe it was up to a year later than what I listed. Its tough to remember exactly." The text above, in quotes, is what I posted on 02/02/04. I realize now that I left out some pertinent information, per web master comments. The location was south-southwest of Oak Creek, CO. My father was elk hunting, and I was tagging along. We were parked on what I think was a forest service road or maybe a county road (dirt) in the mountains. At the time, we lived on the Front Range, not in Routt County.

We were organizing camping gear in the back of my father’s pick up (no camper on truck) when we both noticed the "green pencil" shaped object moving in the direction noted in my earlier report. It was very dark, basically pitch black, and the only other lights around were from the vehicles, and the RVs of some other hunters also parked along this road.

As previously reported, the object was completely silent. As far as I know, none of the other hunters saw the object, as all appeared to be inside campers and RVs for the night.

This is a serious site, and I think editorial comment is not mainly what is being sought of reporters. I must mention, however, that this was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

After the object disappeared, heading north, my father and I were both dumbstruck for several moments.

((NUFORC Note: Date of event may be approximate, although the source does not indicate that fact. PD))