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Occurred : 9/25/2007 16:24 (Entered as : 9/25/07 16:24)
Reported: 9/26/2007 7:56:42 AM 07:56
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Tampa, FL
Shape: Sphere
Ufo Danced over Tia from a distance it looked still but i put the zoom on the camera and wallah

My Doughter and I went out to take a morning pic of the moon for her mom when we noticed a brilliantly bright star Exept the light coming off It was weird So I told my Doughter to Zoom all the way in and we got a suprize . she took the first 2 I took the last .It freaked me out because the backround was still .youll see theres one that kinda looks like the ship topped for a second and theres some kind of cloud over it .Now on Cam its not that bright but if you adjust your contrast and brightness you can learly see a Black Spere with some kind of energy at the bottom and 2 rotating lights . keep in mind that with the naked eye it just looked lkike a really bright star this thing was way way far away . and it did a spectacular airshow untill Dawn.I live really close to TIA and it was directly above it miles away.