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Occurred : 9/30/2007 00:25 (Entered as : 09/30/2007 00:25)
Reported: 10/1/2007 11:15:25 PM 23:15
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: La Vista, NE
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 min
Triangular Ufo in Bellevue?

I was driving home from work. I was on Harry Anderson heading south towards Harrison. I saw a bright floresent light right above the interstate overpass. I thought it was a little plane, but it wasnt moving. As i got closer i could see a green light on the left and a red light on the right. The object was triangular shaped with one bright light in front. I turned down the radio, rolled down my windows and stuck my head out just to see if i could hear a plane engine. There was no noise. It just hovered there in one spot. As i got to the red light i turned around in my seat to see if it was still there and it was gone.