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Occurred : 4/4/1978 22:00 (Entered as : 04/04/78 22:00)
Reported: 10/5/2007 3:58:56 PM 15:58
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Natick, MA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 minutes
GIANT UFO - Natick, MA ...Route 9 behind CAR WASH****MORE FOLLOW-UP INFO****April 1978

This is simply a follow-up to the person that reported their experience in Natck, Massachusetts near Rt. 9 and near that Car Wash. I was BLOWN away to read your experience, and when I read your experience of seeing the same sphere craft as my Mother (who is in her 70's now), my brother, and myself saw on that night of early 1978 (I lived in Wayland at the time). I recently drove back to that road that the giant house-sized UFO was hovering over our 1970 or 1971 Olds Vista know, the road that is behind that car wash....sort of behind it, a horse-shoe shaped road....We nicknamed that road "MacArthur". Any way..... I am SO glad to see someone else come forward like yourself, and I am SO glad that I posted my UFO experience in this weird forum. I simply went to Google and typed in UFO NATICK CAR WASH to see if there were any follow-ups...and SURE enough, there was your experience. I know EXACTLY what you were referring to when you said about the "Water Tower".... I had been up there on an ATC (all terrain cycle) 3 wheeler plenty of times back in the mid 1980's with some local friends my age that lived there in I know the location you witnessed the same UFO that we saw.........and that water tower...I was at the water tower in 1984-1985 and I knew it was a stone's throw from where me, my Mom, and my brother saw that UFO in 1978. OK.......Because of the mandatory anonymous with NO contact information allowed on this site....the only way I can think of what to do is to take my digital camera and record the EXACT place where our UFO experience happened in Natick.....and post if on YouTube. I talked to my mother, and we plan to do a quick documentary with my digital video camera of driving the EXACT road in Natick where we had our 1987 UFO encounter. My digital camera has sound too, so we will both be recalling and talking of what we saw that night of early 1978. I think a lot will be explained a lot better once my mother and myself re-track our exact steps! that we took, describing everything on video that I'll post on YouTube this month in late October of 2007. I can't tell you how excited I was when I found the (reply-followup/more info) to my NATICK MASSACHUSETTS UFO BEHIND CAR WAS 1977 or 1978 that I typed out here in this forum...a UFO report I guess they all call them. My mother must have read your story 50 times..... Please, keep your eye on youtube around late Oct of 2007 for a more detailed experience, re-tracing our steps that night with my digital video cam w/ sound. IDE like to perhaps chat some day....and does NOT have to be in person. Maybe will bring some sort of closure to that flying freak show that we both saw that night. Frustrating not being able to leave my contact info on this site. Would be nice if I could have left a hint in my above entry that spells out my last name ("ehem")..... I have nothing to hide. Keep checking YouTube for the video I will record in late October of this year, 2007. It is now Oct 5, 2007 as I am typing. And Mr. or Ms. "M".....Thank you again for sharing your 1978 Natick, Mass UFO experience.

Sincerely, - D.